5 Ways To Save Money While Creating Your Dream Wedding

February 17, 2020 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

There are few experiences in life that measure up to the excitement of your wedding day.  The importance of the day is a driving force for most people to spend big money.  However, you don’t have to drain your life savings to achieve the wedding you’ve always wanted.

With a little research and planning, you can build a dream wedding for an affordable price.  Take a moment now to read through a few ways in which you can save money while creating your dream wedding, and relieve some of the stress you’ve been under.

Decide what you simply cannot do without

There’s no shame in spending some money on your special day, but it helps to have a sit down with your partner during planning.  You and your partner should decide together what aspects of your dream wedding are simply non-negotiable.

Try limiting your “must-haves” to two, so you can more easily work to manipulate the budget along the way.  You may even want to talk about what elements are dispensable in your wedding plans.

Choose a naturally beautiful destination 

You won’t have to pay to decorate if you choose a place for your ceremony that is already naturally beautiful.  Choosing to wed your partner in the fall offers an array of natural colors.

You could get married on the beach, or you and your spouse-to-be could choose an aesthetically pleasing historical landmark to host your ceremony.

Whatever the case, you don’t have to spend thousands renting out a grand cathedral.  Mother Earth provides plenty of organic beauty to adorn your wedding ceremony.

Save money on the invites 

Your wedding invites will have no effect on the excellence of your special day.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on the invitations.

Spend a couple of hours on your home computer creating a card design for your invitations, and send them out yourself.  You’ll save hundreds of dollars on this one task alone by doing it yourself.  Get crafty, and make your invitations more memorable.

Ask for a friend to gift their talent 

Most couples want music at their wedding, and paying for the talent can be expensive.  You could take the time to ask your friends to donate their talent to your wedding ceremony as a gift.

If you can get the musical talent at no cost, you’ll have yet another opportunity to save hundreds on your total package.  If you don’t have any close musician friends, try asking around your friend circle.  Expand your network, and you’re sure to find someone for the job.

Choose flowers that are naturally in season

If you plan to have lots of flowers in your wedding, it would be wise to choose a species of plant that is in season.  Finding specialty flowers that aren’t in season will cost you a pretty penny.  Parallel your flower choices to the season in which you are planning to tie the knot.

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