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3 Cost-Efficient Ways To Improve Home Lighting

March 18, 2020 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

A dark home often feels small and uninviting and you may not feel like it is the sanctuary it is supposed to be. Trying to upgrade the lighting system in your home could lead to a significant expense, and you may not want to undertake such an extensive project until you have time to dedicate yourself to it fully. However, there are several easy ways you can improve the lighting in your home without breaking the bank. Try these three cost-efficient tips to make your home look larger and brighter.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light is without a doubt the easiest and most cost-efficient way to brighten up your home. Large windows let in a lot of natural light and illuminate a room easily, but even small windows can brighten a room considerably. Try to eliminate the use of curtains if your goal is to make your room brighter. You can opt for a colorful valance if you want to, but full-length drapes often hinder the amount of natural light that filters into the room.

If you are worried about the room being too bright or losing your privacy due to not having curtains, consider using Next Day Blinds to deter prying eyes and customize the amount of light that filters in. The Next Day Blinds company installs products that can easily be opened or raised when you want to flood the room with natural light. When you want to cover the window, simply close the blinds.

Switch Light Fixtures

You probably have numerous light fixtures throughout your home but you may not realize how they impact the overall atmosphere of your home. There are hundreds of types of light fixtures and they all give out different levels of light. Consider swapping your current fixtures out for ones that use brighter lightbulbs or give off more light.

Because there are so many fixtures to choose from, you are sure to find one that matches the décor scheme of the room you are trying to brighten. If you want an elegant room, consider a wall sconce or chandelier to add light. If you want a modern design, try a mounted fixture that gives off a lot of bright white light. The decorating possibilities are endless but it is important to choose fixtures that supply plenty of light if you want to brighten your home. Selecting a beautiful fixture that gives off minimal light will only compound the issue instead of resolving it.

Add Lamps Around Your Home

Lamps are great accent pieces because they are both functional and decorative. You can find them in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can add one the coordinates perfectly with the other décor in your room to brighten it. Pairing matching lamps in the same room is a wonderful way to complete the room with a bright pop of color while giving you extra lighting when you need it.

Another benefit of using lamps is that you can customize the amount of light in your room. If you just want to add more light while the blinds are raised, switch on the lamps. If you want a dim, romantic atmosphere, just turn on a single lamp in an otherwise dark room.

If you aren’t satisfied with the amount of light in your home, there are several easy ways to resolve the issue without spending a lot of money. Use the three tips above to maximize the lighting in your home so your favorite spaces are bright, cozy and inviting. By doing this, you can turn your home into the relaxing sanctuary of your dreams.

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