The Worst Problems of Air Travel, Solved!

March 25, 2020 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Vacations are great, but getting to your destination can be challenging. If you have air travel in your future, here are some suggestions to make the journey more enjoyable.

Ground Transportation

One of the worst aspects of air travel can be getting to and from the airport. Some hotels have shuttles, and you can often take public transit. However, when flying in or out of George Bush Intercontinental Airport, your best bet may be hiring a private car. When you use a limousine for Bush Airport transportation it is as if the vacation starts early. No stressing about traffic or parking — just let yourself sit in the lap of luxury as soon as you shut your own front door.

Waiting in Lines

First you wait to check a bag, then you wait at security and finally you wait to board the plane. If waiting in line makes you crazy, you can do something about it. First, if you have multiple airports within a reasonable distance from your home, use the smallest one that offers the flights you need. Often, these secondary airports do not have large crowds that major airports attract. Second, see if you qualify for any shortcuts. An airline credit card or frequent flyer program may qualify you for elite status when checking in; TSA pre-check can shorten the line at security. Third, get to the airport earlier than necessary. If you do still end up waiting in long lines, you won’t be so stressed about it.

The Middle Seat

The middle seat may be unavoidable. Some airlines allow you to choose a seat while booking, which solves the problem. However, if you are flying an airline that does general boarding, and you enter the plane after all the window and aisle seats are taken, your best bet is searching for a middle seat that is not so bad. Sit between people who are staying in their own space and are not using the armrests. See if the front row or exit rows have middle seats available, as they often have extra leg room.

Noisy Passengers

Even an aisle or window seat can be problematic, if it is two rows away from a crying baby or next to someone who snores. Noise-cancelling headphones are crucial here. If your flight is long enough, you can watch movies on a smartphone or stream a favorite show. Music can also come in handy. Try calming tunes by a favorite artist; or for a change of pace, create a playlist that makes you think of your destination. Focusing on the fun of your upcoming trip can help you transform your annoyance and anxiety into excitement.

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