3 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Space Warmer This Winter

December 10, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Most people are willing to change their habits if it means they’re able to save themselves some money. Especially when it comes to heating your home or office, you may find that you’re willing to do just about anything to cut back on these utility costs while still maintaining your comfortability. So to help make this more of a reality, here are three cheap ways that you can keep your space warmer during the cold winter months. 

Section Off Your Space 

The smaller the space is that you’re working with, the easier it is to heat and maintain the heat there. Knowing this, it makes sense that if you only really need to heat a certain part of your home or business, you should section that area off from the rest of the space. While you can use vestibules or other structure to help you do this, you can also simply close doors to areas you don’t want heated. According to Laurie Neverman, a contributor to Common Sense Homesteading, closing the doors or vents to a room that you’re not interested in keeping particularly warm can help cut your heating costs immensely. 

Use Lush Linens 

While wood floors or other hard materials are common in many homes or businesses for their aesthetic appeal, they aren’t great for holding onto heat. So if you have a lot of space with this type of cold flooring, Abigail Williams, a contributor to the Huffington Post, recommends breaking out some lush linens or rugs to add insulation to your flooring. This added layer can keep the heat from escaping out the floor of your space. And if you ever walk on this flooring with bare feet, it can also help to make the temperature more comfortable on your toes. 

Work With The Sun 

As long as you have some windows in your space, you can use the heat of the sun as a free way to take up the temperature a few degrees in your space. To do this, Robert Marchand, a contributor to the Daily Mail, suggests that you keep the curtains over your windows open during the day and closed at night. By doing this, you’ll allow the sun’s rays to come into your room to add additional heat while the day’s going. And once the sun goes down and the temperature drops, closing the curtains over the windows will help to add insulation and won’t allow as much of that hard-earned heat to be drawn out into the cold night air.

If you have space at home or work that you want to keep warmer this winter but don’t want to be paying an arm and a leg for your utility bill, consider using the tips mentioned above to stay warm at a fraction of the cost.

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