Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Property Surveyor

December 10, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

There are many property surveyors out there. Whether you are planning to sell your property or you have plans to buy one, you need a surveyor to help you out. If you are selling your property, you need to know how much its average value is so when someone becomes interested in buying it, you will ask the right price.

On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a property, you will not be fooled if you know exactly how much it is worth. You won’t be taken advantage of by the owner. The same thing is applicable even for commercial establishments. Before hiring a property surveyor, here are some questions you need to ask.

Are you licensed?

You need a licensed property surveyor doing the job. These people have been tested by a specific government body before they are given a license. It also means they have met the required number of hours in experience and they have also shown exemplary performance. Before renewal of their license, they have to prove once again that they are capable of doing the job. Therefore, having a licensed surveyor will be good for you.

Do you have enough experience?

You need to know the background of your property surveyor. You need someone who is flexible. They can do several tasks. Find one depending on the specific tasks that you wish to be accomplished. Aside from property valuation, they can also provide market surveys, conflict management and advice on various issues. Having a versatile surveyor with lots of knowledge in the field will be helpful for you.

What are the results to be expected?

It has to be clear right from the start what services you expect to be done and what reports you want to receive. For instance, if you have asked for a boundary survey, you should be given a record of the survey map that was reviewed and duly signed. If you have asked for a property valuation, a report must be given. This should have already been approved and reviewed by a supervisor.

By answering these questions right from the start, you will feel more confident about the surveyor you are hiring to do the job. Not all surveyors Essex offers are the same, even if they claim to be the best. At first, you might think that anyone you find online can do the job. The truth is that you need to assess them first, ask questions and be clear about what is expected of them. Once you have found trustworthy surveyors in Essex, sign an agreement form and let them do the job.



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