Business Website Elements That Work For You

December 11, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Designing a business website should be treated as a new location’s grand opening.  There should be great attention paid to the specifics of your layout, and your business website should be built for just that… business.

For your website to present itself as beneficial to the business, the design has to be one that web users find useful and engaging.  Take a moment to check out these few elements which have been found to lead business websites towards success.

Your homepage has a job to do

Your business website’s homepage has to be able to grab the attention of passing web users.  Just like the display window in a shop, your homepage is there to engage the passerby.

Work to perfect the color scheme and navigational setup of your business homepage.  Keep your design free of excess clutter, and do not be afraid to utilize the clean and concise aspect of white space.  Not every inch of the page needs to be covered in advertisement.

Keep communication easy and available

Communication is an important element in which to invest in life and in business.  Your business will likely fail within the first few years without great communication efforts.

Your website should be a part of your organization’s efforts to invest in communication with your consumer base.  Design a “Contact Us” page (like this example shows) that encourages web users to take action and share their thoughts.

Create a space for more content

The internet is made up of an array of content.  Pictures, videos, sounds, and words make up a digital wonderland.  The trick is to make your content stand out among the rest.

On your business website, it helps to design a “Blog” space for which to expand your collection of content.  Write informative pieces, and consistently update your business blog for more interest and a loyal readership.

Tell the people something about your business

Your business website should also be purposed for awareness.  Make people aware of what your business has done, is doing, and plans to do in the future.  Similar to this example page, your “About Us” page should tell web users a little about the true nature of your organization.

Share small bios featuring some of the most influential professionals in your organization.  You can also use your “About Us” page to post business hours and other vital operation information.

Optimize for mobile use

Finally, you should optimize your business website for mobile viewing.  Smartphones are far too prominent in culture today to ignore their ability to access the internet.  People should not have to pinch and swipe to properly view your business website.  Research ways in which you can better optimize your site for mobile viewing.

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