4 Ways To Find The Money For A Lawyer

September 30, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

You can’t ever know when you will need to hire a lawyer on the fly, and legal representation isn’t the most inexpensive service to acquire.  When something happens in your life that requires you to have legal protection, you don’t always have time to “save” for representation.

For instance, you could be suddenly injured in a car accident.  You’ll need funds fairly quickly to assure your health and wellness.  If you are a victim of sexual assault, you need a lawyer immediately. 

It’s helpful to have a few intelligent tricks up your sleeve.  Check out a brief summary, featuring a few ways to find the money for a lawyer, and stay one step ahead of the twists and turns life may present along the way.  

Learn the various types of payment

There are a few different ways in which lawyers work out payment with clients, and the way your lawyer charges you for their time makes all the difference in cost.  

Some lawyers work on an hourly basis.  Hourly charges can rack up a huge tab very quickly.  Your lawyer may work on a contingency fee. You may also be presented with legal protection for a flat rate.  Discuss this matter with your prospective lawyer during your initial consultation.  

Request the services of a public defender

If you are caught in a legal situation when your bank account is caught in a negative situation, you still need a lawyer.  No money doesn’t always mean that you’re out of luck. You have the right to legal representation, no matter what.  All you have to do is ask.

Request a public defender from the court, and they will either set a small fee for the services or render them for free.  Though public defenders aren’t always the most passionate about their jobs, it’s better than not having a lawyer at all.  

Find a pro bono legal service 

In some cases, lawyers offer their services without charge.  It’s more realistic to consider this option if you have a high profile case, as winning a big case is good for a lawyer’s career.  

However, you may also find representation without charge by investigating local legal workshops/colleges to see what they have to offer.  The main thing to remember is that you have options, no matter your income.  

Check for help with Legal Aid

Look for a legal aid society in your community.  There are attorneys who work alongside legal aid for charitable causes, and some are paid by the service to represent clients in need.  These services are typically income-based, so you’ll have to be prepared to provide some very detailed information on your income.

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