Make Your Money and Keep Your Money: Situations To Embrace or Avoid

September 26, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

It’s hard earning a paycheck these days. Unemployment is very low, and that means that there are a lot of options that have been taken up in the workplace. If you are one of the people who remain unemployed, one of your top priorities is going to be how to get a job to make some money, and then how to keep that money once you get it. 

Finding particular types of situations to embrace and other kinds of jobs to avoid will go a long way toward helping you get to this goal.

So what are some of these situations that you may want to move toward or away from financially? There are pros and cons of working with the stock market. There are positives and negatives when it comes to different workplaces and how to arrange your financial interests. And, it’s important that early in life you stay away from anything resembling a debt spiral. In other words, don’t spend money that you don’t have.

Investing in the Stock Market

If you decide to invest in the stock market, recognize that there are risks and rewards. There are extremely low-risk options that aren’t much different than a savings account. And then there are high-risk situations where the potential for making a lot of money in a windfall is there, but you also run the risk of losing everything that you put in. 

The good idea is to have a broad portfolio of options and stock market so that there is some risk involved, but not enough that it would ruin your life in a stock market crash.

Issues at Work

What about issues at work? Are there things that you can do to make more money? Certainly yes! You can learn about management techniques or work on looking and acting more professional. Are there things that can happen that can move you away from getting work or money? That is also true. 

Consider that if you’re injured at work, you’ll have to fight to get worker’s compensation so that you don’t lose income during your healing period. Especially if there were some negligence involved in the situation, it could be a real fight to get what you deserve.

Staying Out of the Debt Spiral

If you don’t have good credit card habits when you’re young, the financial debt spiral can follow you potentially for the rest of your life. If you want to make your money and keep your money, then you should only spend the money that you have. Yes, it’s good to use credit to improve your credit rating. No, it’s not good to use your credit to buy things because you don’t have the cash to support your purchasing habits.

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