The Best Flowers For Different Occasions

March 21, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Flowers are a great way to express love and support. They make a meaningful gift and can speak the words you might sometimes not know how to say. Online ordering makes it more convenient than ever before to send flowers and have arrangements delivered. Knowing which flowers to send when will assure you never miss out on celebrating with friends and loved ones on their special days and memorable moments.

Mother’s Day

The most popular holiday for sending flowers is Mother’s Day. The firmest rule, more so than which flowers to send, is that they are ordered. The most often sent flowers for Mother’s Day are carnations. Pink carnations represent gratitude and red ones symbolize admiration. Lilacs are also a fitting selection as they signify the loving bond between mother and child. Roses of course are always suitable as well.


Birthdays are the easiest so have fun with them. A common choice everyone appreciates is flowers associated the receiver’s birth month. Seasonal flowers are also an option. But all flowers go with birthdays so send their favorite, your favorite, or something you find particular fitting. Lilies signify happiness and irises stand as compliments. Bouquets serve as bundles of love and cheer.

Anniversaries, Apologies, and Valentine’s Day

Roses. Red ones. Unless she has voiced a hidden desire to receive pink, white, or a mixed grouping of colored roses, or she has put in writing her personal disdain for the color red – send red roses. Lots of them. Yellow roses represent infidelity in some cases, friendship in others. Red roses are the only choice. Any other color may not get the response the sender is hoping to receive.

New Baby

All flowers are a sign of life making them a most perfect of ways to congratulate parents who are welcoming a new bundle of joy to their family. Florists like Flowers For Everyone offer mixed arrangement in selections of both pink and blue, often available with keepsake vases.

Get Well Wishes

Daisies have long been a colorful favorite to send to loved ones in the hospital or recovering at home. Tulips are a cheery choice too. Flowers with stronger scents such as roses, lavender, and honeysuckles are said by some to have a mood boosting quality.

Knowing the best flowers to send for special occasions will help you never have to scramble to find the perfect gift.

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