4 Reasons Your Credit Score Is Important

March 22, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Some people may think that credit is something that they’d rather not deal with.  They’ve heard stories about people getting into significant problems as a result of their credit, and so they’d prefer to avoid pursuing credit at all.

The problem with this is that no credit is equal to bad credit.  You should make sure that you try to establish credit for yourself in order to be able to create a good credit score.  Establishing a credit score for yourself which is strong benefits you in many ways.  Here are a few reasons why your credit score is important. 

Taking Out a Loan

If you are ever looking to buy a house or start a business and need to take out a loan, then your credit score is incredibly important.  Having a credit score which is favorable shows lenders that they can depend on you to be able to pay it back.

Rather than having to save your entire life putting away every hard-earned penny, a loan allows you to make a big purchase at once, and pay back the lender in small increments.  The better your credit score is, the lower your interest rate will be. 

Renting an Apartment or House

When you are looking to rent a place to live, you will be presenting yourself as a candidate who is expected to pay your rent on a monthly basis on time.  Your credit score serves as a way to show the landlord that you are dependable and worthy of being trusted to pay your debts.

The lower your credit score is, the less chance you’ll have of being approved for a home.  And you will find that you may have to pay a bigger deposit fee as a result.

Taking Out a Credit Card

Having a credit card can be a great tool in your adult life.  You never know when you may need one for emergencies or making big purchases.  Therefore, establishing good credit for yourself by starting with a smaller credit card in order to be approved for a bigger one later is essential.

Credit is something that can be a great tool when used wisely.  Therefore, setting yourself up to be eligible for it is smart.

Entering a Contract

There are many contracts out there that require a strong credit score in order to be eligible for.  A cell phone contract, for example, is something which will run your credit score for.

In order to be entrusted to pay every month for any sort of contract, you will often have a credit check.  Make sure that your credit score is at least 700 or higher.  You can do this by checking websites such as Credit Karma or checking directly with the credit bureaus.

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