My recommendations for self-employment

August 12, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Since we all have to wait a bit for the unconditional basic income, everyone and everyone should take the opportunity to earn some extra money online. Be it as pocket money, for the holiday fund or as a pension. And unlike a few years ago, there are virtually no hurdles to becoming active on the Internet with his passion and earning money.

Here are a few tips on how to make money online, quickly.

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Here you will learn step by step how to build an affiliate website that brings money.

Of course you can also do the right affiliate marketing on the side, be it pa online casinos or your favorite Amazon bookstore. You do not even need a website for that. In the meantime, almost all affiliate programs can be used on third-party platforms such as Facebook or YouTube . If you are already very active there and publish content, then you can earn something with additional built-in affiliate links.

Of course you should also be careful not to overdo it and only use thematically matching affiliate links. Well proven in the past have current offers, because who is not happy if you can save something.

Depending on the scope of your own profile, you can earn quite a lot of money in this way, but mostly it is after all a small extra income.

Sell ​​on eBay

This is not about a professional shop on eBay, but about private sales. Each of us has things in cupboards or under the bed that he or she really does not need anymore. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many to separate, although it has not looked at forever. I know that myself very well.

This dead capital can quickly turn into money on eBay . Simply take pictures and insert a neat description text, you’re ready to go. For bulky things, on the other hand, is more suitable, as it’s all about regional sales.

Of course, selling your own belongings is not a permanent source of income, but before you can carry things around with you forever, you can get some money instead.

Sell ​​own products

You have a crafting hobby and like to make your own products? Why do not you sell these online?

Platforms like etsy or dawanda offer just that. Here you can set your own creations without technical know-how or other effort and sell.

Of course you should stir up a bit of the drum and as everywhere good photos are very helpful, but otherwise these are probably the best platforms for creative people. There are even people who live by selling their product on these websites, even if it takes a while.

Answer surveys

Surveys are one of the earning opportunities on the Internet, which I recommend only limited. There is now the opportunity to take a few euros per survey answer, but really lucrative or permanent, of course, is not.

Nevertheless, one finds in the network a lot of platforms that offer exactly that. For example, many find many survey offers, where each earns a few euros. Often, however, there are also bonuses, which you get in return, but these are also worth money.

If you really only want to earn a few euros every now and then, paid surveys are worth a look.

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