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Less is More: Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

June 29, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

While there are people who love bringing trinkets and souvenirs and displaying them in their homes, there are also those who believe that true beauty can only be found in minimalism. The truth is usually somewhere in between, but you will certainly enjoy living in a neat home. Clutter raises your stress levels and makes you spend more time doing ordinary things such as dusting and looking for remote control. Choosing to adopt minimalist interior design will save you space, time, and money in the long run, not to mention it looks sophisticated too!

Let there be light

It’s important to use as much natural light as possible since you shouldn’t be putting dozens of lamps in each room. Note the way light enters your home and see when each of your rooms looks best in natural light. You can try using window treatments in order to direct sunlight the way you want, but that’s not all. If you choose to add light fixtures, opt for creative lamps and chandeliers which will make any room look great.

Minimalist Interior Design

Clean and clear

When you look around, you should feel calm, like everything is at its rightful place. If you have piles of junk lying around – bills, magazines and change everywhere you look, you will probably not feel good. Just looking at the clutter makes you think of how much time you should spend putting everything back to its place. Also, make sure your floors are always clean – the only things that should be on the floor are furniture and rugs, nothing else.

Out of sight

What to do with all the things that you possess? Store them out of sight!  Everything you need should be close, but stored somewhere where it can’t be seen. That’s why is a good idea to have multifunctional furniture as well as some hidden storage spaces such as shelves behind mirrors.  Drawers and cabinets are your friends, and make sure that there are only books and/or CDs on the bookshelves. It’s also important to always remember where you keep your things, so you don’t have to open a dozen drawers before you find your phone charger – there should be a spot for everything.

Minimalist Interior Design - 2

Accent decorations

While you might think that a home that’s truly minimalistic shouldn’t have any decorations, it’s not completely true, since a home like that would truly look boring and dull. That’s why it’s important to pick your decorations carefully: instead of having a coffee table completely free of any items, it might be a good idea to put a lovely vase with some colourful fresh flowers on, or a nice photo frame with a photo of your family. A desk with a small potted plant looks so much better than an empty one, too.

Minimalist Interior Design - 3

The right colours

Instead of painting the room white and making everything monochromatic, you can add a tasteful splash of colour here and there to make it more inviting. A throw pillow, photo frame, or a rug in a subdued, solid colour will make all the difference. Black-and-white are classic minimalist colours, but they work well with earth colours like blue, brown and green.  If you’re looking for a fool-proof minimalist colour palette, don’t look further than nature itself: stick to neutrals and add those that show up in nature which will give an easy, sophisticated contrast.

The right details

Small touches and intricate designs on ordinary items in the room can make all the difference between elegant and common. Details are incredibly important when you’re hoping to get a luxurious yet simple space. Something as simple as a gold-leafed edge of a frame, an extraordinary designer sofa and homewares, or an intricate embroidery on a pillow will always do the trick. You don’t have to notice these at first glance, but these things will always be able to add to the richness without adding to clutter. What is more, you can also use a variety of textures too: silk, faux fur and Egyptian cotton can make a minimalist space feel like a palace or a five-star hotel.

Always quality, never quantity

When you’re on a mission to turn your interior into a minimalist heaven, you’ll want to swap those catalogue pieces for some high-quality and well-made ones. You shouldn’t buy pieces just because you think they will fit into a room; instead, you should have a clear idea in mind what style would work best (minimalism rarely goes with baroque vanities and Swarovski crystal chandeliers). Look for pieces that are unique finds, something you stumble upon in an antique store or even a garage sale. Simply, choose just a few really good things you can use often and for a long time.

When adopting minimalist design, you don’t have to worry about your room being plain, simple, and boring. There are wonderful ways to make a room or an entire home look simple, yet stunning. Keeping things simple can also mean that you’re able to combine only a few pieces so that they look sophisticated and rich. Be creative and give yourself a chance to enjoy minimalism and explore all the benefits it has to offer.

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