Instead of Spending Money On Alcohol, Make Money On It!

August 4, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

There’s a pretty good chance that you will be spending a lot of money on alcohol in your life. But if you want to turn the tables on what is a typical destiny, think about trying to make money on this relationship instead. Find out something that you can do to utilize the experience of alcohol to your economic advantage.

Brainstorm a few of your easy options. First of all, you can make small batches of beer in your basement, and then try to sell it to friends and family. On a larger scale, perhaps you want to try some industrial brewing. There’s always room for more microbrews in the greater marketplace. And finally, maybe you don’t want to make direct sales of alcohol per se but instead, want to make money on events where alcohol is a part of the culture. As an example, you can make money off of outdoor music concerts where everyone expects to pay a lot of money for booze.

Small Batches

When you make small batches of beer, you’re putting your hat in the ring with a lot of heavy hitters. But, when you look at the cost of a homebrewing system and then look at how much money you’re saving on alcohol, it tends to work out. Plus, if you have any extra, you can sell it to friends and family. If you get a good enough recipe, then your brewmaster skills will be in demand all year round from your nearest appreciators of alcohol.

Industrial Brewing

If you want to go big, then industrial brewing may be in your future. Concerning that, you have to figure out how all sorts of new technology works to your advantage. For example, nitrogen purging equipment is often used by brewmasters on an industrial level. When you think of the big brewing companies, they have specific technology as part of their industrial brewing process. You can either figure out how to do all these things on your own or join with the big boys in a collaborative effort.

Making Money From Events

Finally, what you think about making money on alcohol sales as it is related to an event? In other words, do you think you could turn a profit by throwing a party? Most of the cash that you can make on occasions like this is not because of ticket sales, but instead will be on how much money people spend on concessions. There are some precise equations that you can follow to figure out what price point to put booze at so that you make a tidy profit. Make sure your even is rain or shine, and you’re good to go!

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