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How To Build a Layered Landscape

April 13, 2021 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment
You’ve probably noticed homes where the front yard landscaping is just boring. Everything is the same height, the same color, and the same texture. When you’re designing the landscape for your home, think in layers to create a beautiful and interesting result. Here are four layers to consider when creating your design.

1. Trees

If your home already has mature trees, then you’re a bit ahead in the design game. Work with an arborist Cincinnati to ensure all of your trees are healthy and keep them well maintained. If you’ve still got room for more trees, consider what size trees might fit in best, and think about whether and where certain varieties will drop any fruits and leaves. Some types of trees add seasonal interest to your garden with rich fall colors or bright spring flowers.

2. Shrubs

Stepping down in height, shrubs are the next layer you want to add to your landscape plan. Some shrubs grow quite low to the ground — only reaching a foot or so in height. Others can easily reach ten feet or more. Shrubs are a great way to add texture and a variety of colors to your garden. They can often fill in large spaces while requiring minimal maintenance, which is a welcome addition if you have a large garden area to care for. Woody shrubs also provide great shelter opportunities for local small animals.

3. Flowers

Both perennial and annual flowers make beautiful additions to any garden. Like shrubs, they can range in height from a tiny ground cover to towering sunflowers. Assess your site for the amount of sunlight it receives and consider how much work you’re willing to do to maintain your garden when choosing varieties to plant. To create maximum visual impact with your flowers, be sure to plant them in large masses and repeat the same types of flowers throughout your landscape.

4. Hardscape

You will need your garden landscaping to work with any existing or planned hardscape on your property. Planting around your patio or porch is fairly straightforward, but also be sure to include any necessary paths and fences in your design. When your garden design is mostly complete, finish it off with some decorative touches, such as a birdbath or piece of garden statuary.
Planning and building a mature landscape can take years, but if you consider the various garden layers as you go, you’re sure to create a visual masterpiece that packs curb appeal.

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