Exceptional Non-Profit Leaders Exhibit These Talents

August 21, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

The complex challenges of today’s Non-profit environment demands that leaders must possess a range of leadership skills that grow and broaden depending on the needs of the organization.

With the advent of the Internet and all that it has changed regarding how charities operate and how they interact with donors and recipients, there is a new approach to managing a charitable organization; one that ties good governance with multi-tasking and high-speed decision making.

This combination of qualities can go a long way toward providing an edge for increasing efficiency and effectiveness and helping to put an organization on a winning path toward helping the needy.

At the head of it all needs to be a leader who can foment the proper culture and messaging in order to energize and direct the employees and volunteers working with the organization.

These new types of non-profit leaders include Meredith Iler who is the Chairwoman of Helping a Hero, a leading non-profit that focuses on issues related to wounded veterans. She has spearheaded the effort to raise and utilize funds for the charity and with her leadership they have raised millions of dollars and awarded more than 100 homes to veterans who have been wounded in the worldwide war on terror.

Exceptional leaders Like Mrs. Iler understand how non-profits today, need to commit themselves fully and operate effectively to make things better and easier. Here are some of the qualities that a leader of a non-profit must possess in order to have the organization be its most effective:

They Make it Through the Tough Times

Putting together a non-profit is very rough, there may be initial enthusiasm for it and that may carry the day for a time, but after a while people will move on to other causes that are in the news and that have their attention. A non-profit leader must keep his or her charity at the center of attention to those who matter. This is the government, donors and the general public. When this happens, there will be enough resources to services those in the cross-hairs of the non-profit. So a leader experts to have things wane a bit and is prepared with a plan that includes marketing and lobbying on behalf of the organization. This includes traveling to places like Washington to discuss things with politicians and writing grants for additional funds.

They are Very Imaginative

Putting together an effective non-profit takes someone who is very resourceful and knows how to develop and manage multiple important assets simultaneously. In addition to the management of the charity, they must handle fundraising, government regulations, the focus areas for the charity and oversee marketing efforts. Yes they can use other non-profits as a template for their efforts but each has a different set of exact circumstances and goals and therefore needs to have its own unique approach and model. The biggest challenge for non-profits is getting enough funding to execute its mission and in this area where so many are fighting for the same donor dollars, a non-profit CEO must use smarts and creativity to make its company stand out. The best ones understand this challenge, take it on fully and get the job done.

Managing a non-profit will often be a full time 7 day a week job because of the many areas that need to be focused on and the constant battle for money to get those things done. When you see one that is doing well and serving the community, you can be assured that it has a great leader at its helm.


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