Anxiousness: Stopping the dreaded feeling in its tracks

August 21, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

It’s a word that’s not always associated with religion, but some recent services have honed in on anxiousness and explained why it’s crucial to avoid this state of mind.

These services analyzed how Jesus advised against this state for temporal things, with food and clothing being two chosen examples. This is what TB Joshua said during one of his recent services and while there is a time and a place for being anxious, many of us resort to this sensation on more occasions than we really should.

In a bid to prevent this state from taking over our mind, here are some of the best methods to put an end to anxiousness – or at least limit it so it is much more manageable.

Goal-orientated tasks could be your savior

It’s something that we all do, yet simply sitting around and mulling over the topic that is causing your state of anxiousness is just asking to feel worse.

While at times you might just feel “unable” to concentrate on the task that you were originally set to do – it’s time to put those restraints to one side. Battle against this and start work on a goal-orientated task. When you have an end-goal in sight, it can ease your anxiousness and just make you feel a little better.

To put this in simple terms; make sure you stay busy.

Find three things, then another three, then another three

We promise we aren’t going crazy with this next suggestion – it actually follows on perfectly from the previous one we’ve just talked about.

There’s a rule doing the rounds amongst psychologists, and it goes by the name of the 3-3-3 rule. The nature of this is to think of three sounds you hear, move three parts of your body and name three things you see. Like we’ve just talked about, this will keep your brain busy and ultimately, pause those negative and anxious thoughts.

Question your thoughts

As we all know, overthinking constantly comes into the equation when that dreaded anxious feeling arrives. It’s something that seems unavoidable at the time – but let’s delve into overthinking in a little more detail.

Firstly, are these negative thoughts actually realistic? A lot of people think of every possible scenario when really, the chances of some of them occurring are actually non-existent. It’s simply a case of fact-checking and making sure that everything which is being processed through your head is accurate.

It’s all about the present

It can be all-too easy to revert to the future during these periods – and this is just asking for trouble. You need to stay in the present, to avoid thinking of future consequences, which happens to be one of the main causes behind anxiousness.

To do this, ask yourself what the situation is now and if you are safe. If the answer to the latter is ‘yes’, then what do you need to worry about? Like a lot of tactics, it’s an easier-said-than-done task – but it can help and at least reduce these awful sensations.

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