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5 Do’s and Don’ts When You’re At Work

March 22, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Even as adults, we sometimes forget about the basics to building and maintaining good relationships, especially with coworkers. Whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned employee it is important for you to nurture the relationship between you and your colleagues. Not only would it encourage a positive work environment, it is also a proven fact that it allows teams, departments and companies to have a higher productivity.


If this sounds like the kind of work environment you would like to have or maintain, here are some do’s and don’t of inter-office etiquette that you may have been neglecting:



●     Appreciating your co-workers

While this seems like common sense, sometimes gestures as little as a thank you in response to someone’s kind gesture speaks volumes about your character. Failure to do so will result in you looking unappreciative or arrogant, that kind of behaviour can deter your colleagues from approaching you.


A good employee would also show appreciation to other people’s hard work by making compliments. Your appreciation not only shows that you have paid attention to your co-worker’s efforts, but it is a good way for the team to recognise each individual’s strengths.

●     Minding your office manners

Good manners is the foundation to a thriving office culture, it helps avoid misunderstanding or outright conflicts, which helps create a solid functioning team. Poor manners, on the other hand, can be detrimental to your career, you might start losing respect from your coworker’s and even lose clients if you don’t pay attention to your work etiquette.


Some offensive manner faux-pas to avoid in the office include:

  • Listening to loud music in a quiet office
  • Bumping into someone and walk straight past without doing as little as a courteous nod
  • Not putting your phone on silent during working hours
  • Making negative comments about other people’s business
  • Only making your own and not offering to make anyone else a brew
  • Excluding or disregarding other people’s input in conversations



●     Be punctual

As a paid employee, it is important for you to show up at work before office hours start. Not only is it a sign of respect to your job but also to yourself. It is most definitely frowned upon if you turn up late to a meeting. Being late for any reason leaves the negative impression that you value your own time more than others.


  • Feed into office gossip

To keep the work environment as harmonious as possible, refrain from contributing to gossips going around the office. As adults, it is only mature to avoid making negative comments about your coworkers behind their back. If it is something that genuinely bothers you, ask to speak to the person in private and explain why you are feeling this way rather than bad mouthing about them behind their backs.


If you’re not the instigator but the listener, address the topic of the gossip by making appropriate suggestions to resolve the issue rather than make it worse.


  • Neglect personal hygiene

Personal hygiene covers various aspects, from your daily attire to organising your desk. It will cause discomfort to your co-workers if you don’t maintain personal hygiene. Respect your job by going into work in suitable clothing and look professional in clean, ironed clothing; trim and style your hair (and facial hair) appropriately. As for your desk, try to keep it clutter free by putting things into containers or files. Always clean after yourself after eating at the table as well.

These are some of the do’s and don’ts that people forget to pay attention to even though it is is seemingly common sense. It is very important for you to play your part in keeping the work environment as positive as possible.

However, should you find yourself in a position where it is out of your control and you’re experiencing unfair treatment in your job, consider consulting Slater and Gordon for professional guidance.

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