Your guide to looking fabulous this fall

August 20, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Summer may be in full effect as you read this, but soon, leaves will be on the breeze, pumpkin spice lattes will be available, and the chilly mornings of autumn will be here.

Want to look better than your friends? Take this opportunity to turn over the warm clothes in your wardrobe.

If you are stuck on what to change about your look, pattern your new approach after fashion forward people like Gina Benderson, as folks like her live, eat, and breathe this aspect of their lives.

While she presently works in information technology, she keeps up with the latest trends and she finds new ways to look good from year to year.

Want to look fabulous this fall? Take a look at our guide in the paragraphs below.

1) Layer up

Fall features chilly mornings, but as the day progress, afternoons can get just as warm as a cooler summer day.

Adapt your look by wearing clothes in layers which can be easily peeled off or put on as conditions warrant.

The base layer should be able to handle perspiration well, while the top layer should be able to repel cold with ease.

Take care so that the colors of each layer match, as they often meet along the wrists, neck line, and at the waist.


2) Try a poncho on for size

Want to sample a bold look that will help you warm? Have you thought about giving a poncho a try?
Boasting an attractive Native American look, this unconventional sweater might be out of your comfort zone, but worn correctly, it will keep you cosy while adding a dynamic to your sense of fashion that never existed before.


3) Fall accessories you can’t afford to ignore

Autumn is a fun season to be a fashionista, as this cooler season comes with a greater number of accessories that you can use to compliment your look.

Start with a scarf, as it will not only shield your face from the biting wind later in the fall, but it will also give you an infinite combination of looks that can be created with the right one.

Try getting a fedora as well, as these will help keep your dome toasty and formal as the days get cooler.


4) Try out some knee-high leather boots

When fall arrives, sandals won’t get the job done anymore.

Closed-toe shoes are de rigeur at this time, but when the rain starts pelting down or when snow (ew!) falls for the first time, you’ll be wanting some leather knee-high boots.

They will they have you looking like a bad ass, and they also help to deflect splashes from puddles and piles of slush.


5) Keep your coat game strong

When it comes to fall fashion, the coat you wear can make a huge difference in how you are perceived.

Trench coats are a popular go-to when autumn rolls around, but be sure you have a fleece-lined option available when winter begins to assert itself in November and beyond.


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