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Why Bog Mats are Important on Construction?

January 18, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

When undertaking construction in a rural area, many companies find putting in roads means plowing through brush and muddy or soft ground. With the size and weight of construction equipment this can present a difficult situation. Many companies have solved this situation with the use of bog mats.

Bog mats, usually made of plastic or wood, are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One type, when placed on the ground, makes an excellent foundation that will allow equipment to reach the construction site without becoming bogged down. In addition, they prevent damage to the ground which will occur when heavy machinery, such as tractors or cranes, sink down and make deep ruts.

Bog mats are constructed of either wood or plastic. Those especially effective for this purpose are made of high density polyethylene, static dissipaters and UV stabilizer. These mats link together, withstanding up to 1200 psi crush pressure, and create a continuous and solid surface for transporting heavy equipment.

Bog mats are commonly used for:

  • Oilfields
  • Pipelines
  • Access Roads
  • Temporary roads
  • Power Utilities
  • US Military projects
  • All types of construction material transportation
  • Solid platforms

These mats have been utilized in areas such as tidal flats, snow, river creeks, bogs, sand and other types of soil. Their value has been utilized by minimizing transportation and construction costs, preventing damaging spills (on or to the site), and can be used in any type of weather.

These mats can be purchased or rented. Naturally, if a company has constant construction projects in areas with unstable ground, it makes more sense to purchase them. This way, they are immediately available without having to wait around for a delivery.

In addition to roads, these mats can be locked together to form a solid surface for things such as oilfield rigs, helicopter pads and other locations, which need a solid surface over unstable ground. For an example, consider tractors and other equipment ordinarily used in construction. They are very heavy and need to move around without worrying about hitting a soft patch of ground.

A good example of bog mats are the ones that are 108mm thick. These mats have an interlocking lip system that, when joined together, can be used to create a solid platform. This is especially useful when cranes are used. Cranes are extremely heavy and when using a bog mat base, they can easily move from one location to another without any concern regarding tipping or slipping in on unsecured ground.

Many areas, where construction is taking place, are regulated by State or Federal regulations. One of these regulations is usually leaving the area in good condition. It is not possible to fulfill this regulation if a company leaves torn up roads, and other areas, caused by heavy equipment on soft or muddy ground. This is where the use of road mats will save a lot of headaches.

If you are in the construction business and need to have an easy access to a site, or need to form a solid platform, bog mats are the way to go.

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