What Is Argireline and How Does it Benefit You?

August 25, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

One of the key ingredients in the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless products is argireline. Naturally, exactly how much of it is in their products, and what other ingredients are included, is a closely guarded secret. However, the fact that argireline is included bodes well for the product as a whole, because there is significant scientific evidence to point towards the benefits of argireline.

What Is Argireline

Instantly Ageless was one of the first products on the market to contain the argireline peptide. They say that it helps to remove wrinkles and far lines. Indeed, science has shown that the peptide plays an important role in skin tightening, making it look and feel firmer and lifting it as well. Another thing that argireline does, is contracting pore size. Additionally, it helps to lower the dark circles and bags under the eye.

Some scientists have referred to argireline as “nature’s Botox”, and its more popular name is now the “facelift in a bottle”. Essentially, once the product is applied, facial muscles are frozen, smoothing out wrinkles and lines. Unfortunately, however, argireline does not offer a permanent solution. In fact, the effects are very short-lived, even compared to Botox, lasting just a few hours. That being said, the do become visible within just a few minutes, which is very attractive.

Clinical Research

So what does the science say? Argireline itself has been extensively lab tested on both inanimate and living organic subjects. The results have been impressive and do show that the promised effects actually happen. However, no peer reviewed, double blind trial has been completed yet. This means that, scientifically, biased results from either the research or the participant could be seen here. Dermatologists and anti-aging experts all agree that initial results are very good, but more studies have to be completed yet.

Risks and Side Effects

To date, there have been no studies that would suggest there are any risks associated with exposing the skin to argireline. In fact, these results have caused numerous cosmetic companies to include it in their skin care product, moving away from botulinum toxins, which are used in Botox products. The only possible danger, although this hasn’t been demonstrated yet, is that, just as with Botox, it could lead to the facial muscles sagging if it is used too much or in the wrong places. However, as stated, this hasn’t happened yet. But it is important to be realistic and to be aware of the fact that it does have the potential to affect the neurotransmitters in the face, suppressing their activity, which would lead to sagging. While this is unsightly, argireline doesn’t last long, so the effect should be temporary as well.

It seems that, when Jeunesse first developed Instantly Ageless, they really hit on something good. Argireline is now no longer as new and innovative, but Jeunesse was the first to use it and continues to be the most respected manufacturer to this day. With thousands of people noticing the positive effects of using this product, it is safe to say that it really works.

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