Ways To Make Your Business Website More Profitable

November 2, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Having a functional business website is only the first step to conquering the digital sales floor.  Even if you think your website is solid, there are always updates and upgrades in design that can make your site more efficient.  It pays to keep up with design trends.

Though designing a business website is not rocket science, there is a science to design.  Take a moment to read through this closer look at a few of the most vital components of your business website, and see what you can do to make your site more profitable.

Showcase your products and services

Design your “Products & Services” page in a manner that is clear and concise to new visitors. Give a fair description of your products/services (like this page has done), but do not go overboard.

You are explaining what you do and what you make, not writing a book.  Keep it clear, but simplistic.  Make sure your visitors have a realistic feel for what you are offering, but leave a little to mystery.  You want your visitors to desire more.

Lead your visitors to take action

When you effectively entice visitors to want more information, you have a valuable opportunity to lead them to take action.  You have the ability to gather email addresses and names.  With that information, you have the ability to personalize your marketing approach in the future.

You also want to provide several opportunities for feedback.  Listening to what your customers and web users have to say is a great way to make your business and your website much more efficient.

Understand your market and cater to them

The more you are able to get inside the mind of your ideal consumer, the better you will be at designing a targeted approach.  You can better identify your target market by asking a few pivotal questions.

  • What demographic would most benefit from your products/services?
  • What are some of their hobbies and interests?
  • What sort of books do they read?
  • What sort of family life do they have?
  • What are their most significant problems?

Build a stock of shareable content

You can build a stock of shareable content in the “Blog” section of your business website.  Shareable content spreads your digital wings to the land of social media.  Just do not forget to incorporate the social media share buttons into the design of your blog.

Make sure your blog content is quality.  It is worth the investment.  Research ways to better optimize your content for searching, and make your website more visible.  When consumers are presented with the option to view your site over and over again, they are far more likely to take the bait.

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