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Ways to cool your house without air conditioning

April 21, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

It’s a hot day, and you come back home from work- all tired and sweaty, and we know the first thing you want to do is switch on the air conditioner. That is just your first instinct. We totally get you. But, if you do care about things such as the environment, you would know how damaging it is for the environment to use air conditioners. Yes, that is right. The use of air conditioners has increased and is still increasing which is contributing to global warming, which by the way is a very serious environmental concern. So, if using the air conditioner is that bad a thing, then why not try using some other methods to keep your rooms cool. Let’s try and be a little eco friendly, shall we?

We know that you think that it’s just impossible to survive without the air conditioner, but we have a few very simple things you can try to keep your house cool. Who knows, maybe you would never use the air conditioner again. Even if you do, you can still try and reduce the use. After all, who likes to pay those huge bills? We are sure you don’t. So here are some things that you could consider trying:

  1. Close all your windows and binds in the morning as this is how the heat enters your house. So, keep them closed.
  1. Turn off all the lights or bulbs that are not needed at the moment as they give off heat.
  1. One great tip is to focus on the temperature of your own body and not the house. Drink lots of water, take showers, wear cotton, light clothing. Also, keep sipping cool fluids throughout the day.
  1. During the nights, let the air come into your house because during summers, the temperature usually falls. So, allow the cool air to get in.
  1. You might think that it’s obvious, but using the stove or the oven would definitely increase the temperature if the house. Now, stopping their use entirely may not be possible, but one can always reduce it.
  1. If you are really dedicated to the cause of not using the air conditioner, then you might consider making long term changes into your house. For example installing insulated windows would be a really wise decision.
  1. Put a wet sheet on one of the windows, and see how the air coming in, cools your house in no time.
  1. Make sure that your fans are in good condition and working properly. Also, make sure that it’s working in anti clockwise direction. If you feel that your fan is not working properly, you might consider buying a new one. You can also shop for ceiling fans online.

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