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Variants to make money online

August 14, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Of course, there is not only one way to make money on the Internet, but you can divide all methods into two income categories:

Active income

Passive income

But where is the difference and what is the right method for you? That is exactly what we will discuss here.

What does active income mean?

With the active income, you have to actively work for your money. This can be done on the internet, for example via micro-jobs. These are smaller tasks that you find on appropriate platforms that are usually done for a fixed price, or perhaps a betfair promo code.

An active income on the internet is basically the same as when you go to work. Because even here you get a wage or a salary for a specific work you perform.

What does passive income mean?

Passive income is about generating income for which you do not have to work directly. But I do not want to say that you have nothing to do for your income. On the contrary: behind a passive income is a lot of work and especially in advance.

It’s not like you do a job and then get cash immediately. As a rule, you have to invest a lot of time until your project starts to bear fruit.You should now ask yourself what your goal is. If you want to earn money quickly and in between, then variants for making money online from the field of active income would be something for you. But if you do not want to have to constantly work for your money and continue making money online, traveling or spending time with your family, passive income is the right option for you.

Proofreading as a side job

If you master a foreign language very well or if you are even bilingual, the job as a translator could be interesting for you. As with proofreading, orders vary greatly in their effort. Sometimes only short texts for a website are to be translated, but it can also be whole books.

The earning potential of making money online through translation depends not only on the size of the text, but also on supply and demand. Especially for translations from German to English or vice versa, there are many translators. Therefore, the pay is usually lower here. This is different if you can translate into or from a rarer spoken language.

For example, you can find such jobs on proz.com but you can also find suitable offers on platforms such as Freelancer or Upwork .

Make money as a translator

At irregular intervals, data still has to be collected manually in companies. That’s why companies usually do not hire employees, but outsource this work.

When entering data and addresses, you have the task of entering the data of business cards, notes or sweepstakes according to the company’s specifications, for example in an Excel file.

Usually a fixed price is agreed for this work beforehand. The faster you can work, the higher your hourly wage. With such tasks, however, care is always needed. Especially if one hopes to get future orders from this company you should make no mistake.

Side Job Data Collection

Whether a short contribution to a blog or a guide – the job opportunities of copywriters on the Internet are very extensive. Writing texts is one of the most popular home works, because except for a PC, you do not need anything else to do this work. Of course, you should have a certain talent for writing, like reading in different topics and of course mastering spelling and grammar.

Depending on the text size, target group and topic, the effort is very different. For one of the most popular textbooks , Textbroker , prices vary from 1.3 cents per word to 6.5 cents per word, depending on the quality of the text.

Become a flight expert

Especially cheap and quick to get to the destination – that is exactly the goal of many air travelers. While ours would probably simply rely on the popular flight search engines, real professionals will create a search on Flightfox for a flight search.

The task of the flight experts is to search the Internet for the best price. Often you can find offers from other experts in the search ads. Of course, you should undercut them, because only if your flight is taken, you will also receive a commission. The amount of the commission is always dependent on the fare. Usually this is between $ 30 and $ 200.    I think writing is definitely a very good start. Of course, the compensation at the beginning is not really much. But you have the chance to convince through performance and then earn more money. Here you have to think again a bit longer term.

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