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Types of Flooing

July 13, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

There are many different kinds of flooring types, and each offers unique benefits. However, each type of flooring also comes with its own set of disadvantages. Making the best decision possible for your home or business depends on knowing what makes each type a good choice, as well as a poor choice, for each individual situation.


Hardwood is one of the more expensive options. It looks and feels extremely good, but both the material and the labor costs are most likely going to be higher than the alternatives. Hardwood is considered quite appealing now, as more and more people move away from carpet. Another aspect to consider is that hardwood is requires maintenance and will scuff or mark quite easily. Essentially, hardwood looks good, but is hard to keep it looking good and is expensive to install and maintain.


Carpet is a little more resistant than hardwood. Wear and tear does not show on carpet very much at all, and it also does not require very much maintenance. A quick vacuum every once in a while will keep it looking good for a long time, along with perhaps a deep wash every year or two. Carpet is also on the expensive side, both in materials and labor. A big disadvantage of carpeting is the possibility of staining. One spill and the carpet may never look the same again.


Epoxy guard is a choice many people forget about. If you do not like maintenance, then epoxy cannot be beaten. It requires essentially no maintenance, and it lasts an incredibly long time too. Epoxy also has the advantage of being incredibly inexpensive. The only real disadvantage epoxy has is that it is a temporary flooring option. With proper maintenance, most flooring is indefinite, but epoxy will wear out no matter how well it is treated and must be replaced. Luckily, epoxy’s lifespan is very, very long.


Linoleum is an option similar to epoxy, but a little less nice. Linoleum materials are incredibly inexpensive, but installation costs are a little higher than other options. This material also requires a little more maintenance and does not last quite as long. Linoleum also has the advantage of being quite friendly to the environment.


Tile is a divisive option. It is one of the nicest in appearance, but it has the highest level of required maintenance. They need to be cleaned carefully and thoroughly, getting into all the spaces between tiles. It is also very expensive and labor intensive.

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