Top traits of the successful forex traders in London

February 14, 2022 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

London is one of the largest financial centres in the world. The city’s forex traders are some of the best in the world. London has made itself one of the most competitive places on earth, drawing in talented individuals from all over the world just to put themselves on an even playing field with their competitors.

The dominant factor that separates successful traders from unsuccessful ones is not necessarily pure talent or intelligence but determination and persistence. There are plenty of fast-talkers out there who can get you to believe that it was all about having great instincts or innate abilities. Still, if you were to ask them if they would trade their ‘natural abilities’ for determination and drive, more than likely, they will say no.

The seven most important traits every successful forex trader has in London

Here are seven traits of succesfull forex traders in London.


You must have discipline before anything else under your belt. Your success comes from your ability to follow the rules and avoid outside influence. The easiest way to give up control over your investments is by listening to what everyone else has to say. When you branch out into following other traders’ ideas or strategies, you are no longer trading according to your plan. There is nothing wrong with taking advice from those you look up to, but remember that ultimately your decisions will lie in your own hands, and you will be responsible for the result.


Lack of patience can lead to costly mistakes as a trader, many times without directly realising it. There will be days when we want to give up because we believe we keep losing money or ‘missing out on opportunities elsewhere in the world. Successful traders understand how volatile the market is on both short term and long term scales.

Belief and Faith

However, a strong belief in what you are doing is not enough because we live in a world where there will always be some kind of temptation that can break even the most ironclad of beliefs. However, if your faith truly lies within this one method (which it should), then your chances of succeeding significantly increase when you make it part of your everyday life.


This is a trait shared by many successful traders and one of the most important. When you can break through your barriers, nothing can stop you from making it big in forex.


Flexibility in your trading is also another essential trait to possess. You might think that you are pretty much set on the path you are taking, but every successful trader will tell you that nothing stays the same for long in this world. Even when it seems like everything else around us changes with time, there are always ways of adapting to these changes and using them to our advantage in forex.


This separates those who follow through with their goals from everyone else who gives up before they even begin trying. It takes great courage to walk away from the comforts of what is familiar to begin your journey towards something else.

Willingness to take risks

If you are not willing to risk losing everything you have worked so hard for, how can you expect to become rich? The willingness to take risks might be enough if it were only about your money, but anyone successful will tell you that it takes a lot more than that. There is a specific type of courage that needs to be present for you to take risks needed when you are trading, and a lot of people cannot manage this even if they desire to follow through with their goals.

Bottom Line

The best part about making it big in forex is that you can share your knowledge with others and help them achieve their financial freedom. New traders are advised to use a reputable online broker, like Saxo Bank, and trade on a demo account before investing real money. For more information, browse this site.

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