Tips To Fix Your Credit And Your Finances

March 24, 2022 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Properly managing the financial aspects of your life can really do a lot to open doors for you as you age.  The problem is that not everyone prioritizes money management concepts when they are young.  Not everyone has the right tools to manage the issue.

If you’ve found yourself well into adulthood with bad credit and no money in your savings account, it’s time for a few adjustments.  Open doors for yourself by cleaning up your credit report, and teach yourself some newer, healthier money management habits along the way. 

You need a real bank account

If you’re over the age of 18, you need a real bank account.  You can have a CashApp or PayPal account, but you need a real bank account for paying various bills and direct deposit or linking your account for future payments. 

If you have the problem of being blacklisted by ChexSystems, you will have trouble getting banks to give you an account.  Turn your interest towards a platform like Chime.  Chime gives you a legit bank account, but it’s all digitally run.  They don’t check your credit or ChexSystems.

Get a good look at your credit reports

You may not even know the true state of your credit, but it’s important to become familiar with your reports.  You used to have to pay to see a copy of your credit report, but that fact has changed over time. 

Download a program like Credit Karma, and you’ll have access to your credit report whenever you want it.  Credit Karma is also great for offering users knowledge and suggestions on how to better their credit rating along the way. 

Learn better budgeting and spending habits

Get honest with yourself, and take a clear-headed look at your current budgeting and spending habits.  If they’re still a bit reckless, you may need to tweak a few things to find more success in the future. 

Learn to live by a strict budget, and really pay close attention to your spending habits for a while.  You’ll form new habits as time passes, and things will get better with your finances as a result. 

Start saving money regularly

Healthy financial standing requires you to have a savings account.  Everyone needs a savings account for emergency expenses.  You could even save a little more for some recreational expenses from time to time. 

Take consistent action to build your credit

Once you’ve seen what’s on your credit, start taking actions to make it better.  If you see charges on there that you don’t think should be there, take action to dispute the charges.  Use some of your savings each month to put towards paying down a debt.  You can also make contact with the companies you owe and negotiate what you owe for a lower payoff.

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