3 Perfect Tips for Spending Money Wisely

July 4, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Everybody tries to spend money wisely is much as possible. Unfortunately, lots of people have lots of bad habits when it comes to their finances. If you don’t learn good money habits early in life, you tend not to pick them up later unless some circumstance suggests that there are a better way to do things. Well, if you’re looking for a few perfect tips to spend money more intelligently, you can get some thrown at you right now.

Do three things, and you’ll immediately see benefits in your economic circumstances. Whenever possible, rent to own different items or services. Purchasing something outright can be a huge hit to your pocketbook. Just renting something knowing that you’re going to have to give it back without ownership is also like throwing money into the wind. 

For a little while, try living only on cash. Whatever money you have in your pocket in the form of cold, hard dollar bills – that’s the only money you can use while you’re out. You’d be amazed at how many fewer purchases you make. And lastly, use budgets obsessively. Sign up for a real-time service, and have reminders of what your budget goals are every time you make a purchase.

Rent To Own

If possible, rent things when you can, so that you are putting money down into their future purchase. For example, if you rent a piano, find out if you can put that money towards the final price of the whole instrument. That way, you can continually rent it as long as you can afford to, with the express intent that after a certain amount of time, you will own that piano. The same type of process can work for things like electronic equipment, tools, or even stuff like clothing under the right circumstances.

Try Cash-Only Living

Most people live on their credit cards these days. It isn’t necessarily because they overdo it when it comes to spending money via plastic. But it does leave some accountability left to be desired. In that case, try cash-only living for a little while. Even if it’s for a few days, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save by putting yourself in the psychological territory of only paying cash for the things that you buy. 

You’ll notice a downturn in fast food, restaurants, impulse purchases at the store, and anything particularly expensive beyond a certain degree. Even taking a week out of the month to try this cash-only perspective can make a big difference in your savings account.

Use Budgets Obsessively

Have you put together a life budget? Most people will say no. And how can you know how much money you can spend if you don’t have a budget? You may be used to just being flexible month per month, knowing that you at least can afford your bills. But saving money is more than just paying bills. It’s also about understanding your finances, income, expenses, and their relationship to each other.

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