Actionable Tips For Decluttering Your Home

July 17, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Living a minimalistic existence can reduce stress and provide a more organized living space for many.  You don’t pay out as much when you don’t need much, either. Decluttering is a positive financial decision.  

Oftentimes people find themselves feeling overwhelmed or anxious at the thought of a thorough declutter, but the effort will make a great difference in your quality of life.  Here are a few ways to begin decluttering your life by minimizing the clutter around your home. 

Allow yourself a reasonable amount of time

If you’re tackling a particularly cluttered home, it’s important that you don’t try to do it all at once.  You will overstimulate your mind, and it may lead you to being a bit frozen.  

Spread your work out over a period of time, and make sure you define that period of time.  Setting goals will help you to keep the project moving along.  

Make an extensive list and work on it daily

In the interest of setting goals, make a list.  Consider what you really hope to see in your home once you are finished, and begin creating a tangible list of things to do.  Be thorough, but be realistic as well while making your list.  

Work on your list daily.  Make steps toward finishing one thing on your list every day, and your progress will never plateau.  Forward motion will inch you towards the finish line and the shot at a new minimalistic home.  

Storage isn’t always counterproductive

If you honestly have an issue with hoarding, then you don’t need to consider the use of an outside storage unit.  It could be counterproductive. If you are considering a commercial storage warehouse for your residential belongings, then you probably don’t need to be storing anything.  

However, having a storage unit doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder.  There may be some items you own which are valuable, but they’re not useful to the function of your home.  Those items can easily be stored in a climate-controlled unit to take the load off your living spaces.  

Set standards for what is really needed

Set boundaries or standards on how you will determine whether or not an item should remain in your home, thrown in the trash, donated, or stored.  If you clearly define your needs, the decision-making process of clearing out your life will be much easier to navigate.  

Be prepared to do some cleaning

Decluttering means you will need to clean along the way.  Those dust bunnies don’t belong in your newly decluttered home, so make sure you have the right cleaning tools for the job.  Enjoy the fresh smell of a new way of living once the hard choices are over.  

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