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The Best Indoor Office Plants and How to Care for Them

September 18, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Houseplants placed judiciously around an office not only bring nature and beauty into a place that might otherwise be sterile, but many also clean the air. Of course, the best plants for the office must not only be lovely to behold but easy to care for. They must be expected to last through weekends and holidays without watering or even light. Even when the office is open, they might be expected to live on artificial light and tolerate periods where they are pretty much ignored. Here are some great office plants that may be found at Gaddys Plant Hire:


This is a group of plants from South America. They range from plants with tiny leaves to bushes with leaves the size of a hand. They do best in bright light and a soil that’s part cactus soil and part humus. They need the soil to dry out completely between waterings.


This family of plants is famous for being well-suited for the indoors. They grow well in average soil and thrive in filtered light, though growing in darkness causes the leaves to be smaller than they should be. Philodendrons prefer their soil to be kept evenly moist, and someone in the office should fertilize the plant about twice a year.


Figs are another family of plants that are prized for doing well indoors. They range from the famous and graceful weeping fig to the fiddle-leaf fig with its huge leaves to the prostrate creeping fig. They need bright light but not full sun and average soil that should be kept moist. The nearly indestructible India rubber plant is a type of fig. It thrives in an east or west window and now and again the leaves should be sponged down to keep them free of dust.

Aluminum Plant

This plant has pretty, quilted, green and silver-gray leaves that give it its name. It just needs average potting soil and does well at usual room temperature and indirect light. Keep the soil moderately moist.

Chinese Evergreen

This simple plant with its long, oval, waxy leaves is nearly as indestructible as the India rubber plant. It grows well almost anywhere and does beautifully in low light and low humidity. It can even be grown anchored by glass chips in a bowl of water or in potting soil kept moist.

Dumb Cane

Named because it numbs the mouth if it’s chewed, this beautiful plant with its green and white speckled leaves can stand moderate light and low humidity. Over watering it will kill it, so it’s an ideal office plant.


This striking plant has unusual blooms that appear on sword like leaves that are green on one side and purple on the other. It is easy to grow in an office and does well in a northern window or indirect light. It only needs average potting soil that needs to be kept evenly moist.


Another tough plant, pothos looks like a philodendron except its leaves are lighter and variegated. It loves badly lit corners and dry air and thrives when its soil is allowed to dry out completely then deeply watered.

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