Personal Finance Tips For Moving Towards Your Dream Career

March 18, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

If you’re a dreamer, your dream career probably isn’t a run of the mill professional position.  Those who wish to be singers, performers, writers, artists, and other liberal forms of art as a profession often have to work hard to pave their own path to success.  

Models have to pay for their own headshots to put forth a convincing portfolio for potential clients.  Makeup artists supplies are essential, and the money doesn’t come easily.  If you find yourself laying the cobblestone of your life’s dream job, take a hint from these simple personal finance tips.

Save like it’s going to save your life

Saving can’t be a second thought for you if you really want to make your own way in the world.  It costs money to step outside of the standard lines, and there’s no penny too insignificant for your future.  

Make saving a priority.  Whatever money goes through your hands, you should make it a personal rule to throw back at least ten percent of the total.  

Force yourself into a strong work ethic

Artists tend to be super passionate about their art and not so passionate about marketing themselves to the public.  If you really want to make your passion into a career, you have to sell yourself in some fashion.  

Work hard every day to spread the word about how awesome and capable you are as an artist, singer, musician, model (or whatever your dream entails).  Don’t let procrastination and time be the things that defeat your dream.

Busking is excellent for musicians

If your passion is music, you can make a decent sum of cash working hard busking around a big city.  You most likely live near or in a large city, and busking is not illegal. Put your guitar case out there, and see what comes of your art.  

There are several well-known musicians who started out busking around the city.  Ed Sheeran, Tracy Chapman, and Sheryl Crow are just a few of the big names who started out busking.  

Don’t spend your money as fast as you earn it

It’s hard to steer clear of the party scene when you first start making money on your art.  It’s a beautiful feeling and more than a good enough reason to celebrate. The problem is that spending your money as fast as you earn it won’t get you any farther in life or in your career. 

Set a goal to always maintain a savings account

Structure is also a common challenge for those who live life outside the box, but it will be profitable to your future to maintain a savings account along the way.  Stash money in that specific account, and forget it exists. If you never make it big, you’ll always have a cushion.

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