5 Marketing Professionals You Need to Hire to Create and Run Your Next Online Marketing Campaign

September 2, 2020 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

When someone mentions marketing professionals or marketers, we naturally assume that they are the people who handle marketing, which is,of course, what they actually do! The problem with this understanding is that it’s far too simplistic and generalized to be of any meaning or use to a business that is trying to create a proper marketing and/or branding strategy.

A marketer can be a comprehensive service provider that handles everything from SEO to video marketing, or it can be an expert service that specializes in a few related streams of marketing only. Even if you have found a comprehensive service, they are likely outsourcing some of the work to dedicated marketers who specialize in any one or two fields of modern marketing. We are going to identify the five key online marketing professionals today, so that you can choose to form your own team of marketing professionals, rather than paying an external outsourcer to do the same for you.

Digital Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is an experienced marketer who creates the strategic outlines for an online branding campaign to follow across all applicable channels. They are the lead professional who will create, strategize, manage and complete the entire project on your behalf with input from everyone else in the team as necessary.They are also responsible for managing the marketing budget, channeling and rechanneling the available resources, establishing important contacts, etc.

Digital Marketing Analyst

The job of a marketing analyst is to collect relevant data, analyze it and then supply the marketing manager with readable datasets in the form of stats, graphs, KPIs, predictions and more. Based on the critical market data information provided, your marketing manager will begin to create the best possible strategy for the concerned campaign.

Content Creation Expert: Written Content

Search engine and social media optimization can only be considered valid when you have appropriately optimized, written content for the respective experts to use. Aside from images and videos, words are pretty much everything that we see on the internet, and without the right set of words to convince your target clients, even media content would be rendered irrelevant and useless.

Content Creation Expert: Videographer

A videographer will work with your marketing team to bring the campaign’s visions to motion film. Depending on the scope, budget, the target market, platforms, etc. they can create various different types of video content.This includes product description videos, 360° product experience videos, social media ads, branding films, whiteboard videos, animation films and so much more. This why hire a videographer to promote your small business can help you article explains why you should go beyond the limited scopes of text and media-based marketing campaigns alone.

SEO Expert

A search engine optimization expert ensures that your business, brand or product(s) is found by your target audience when they search online with specific keywords. An SEO expert is an integral team member, without whose active effort your business would be lost amidst the competition.

Hiring additional social media marketing managers may also be necessary, but they should preferably be hired by the marketing manager to keep things streamlined and the communications in between them seamless.

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