Make More Money With Your Business Website Design

March 11, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

The design of your business website has everything to do with the success of the endeavor.  You can build a business website in little more than an hour, but you will probably be doomed to watch it do nothing.

There are millions of different websites on the internet, so you have to know how to design for visibility.  You have to know how to stand out among the rest of the other sites that are similar in purpose to your own.

Take this moment of your day to read through a brief overview of a few of the most critical aspects of a successful site build.  Invest in your future, and assess your business website today.

Navigation should be natural

When visitors arrive at your website, navigating the site should be self-explanatory.  It should never be a troublesome endeavor to move from place to place on a business website.

The best way to make navigation simple is to work a stationary navigation bar into the design of your website (like this example page shows).  Lay the navigation tool across the top of the page, and make it so wherever a person moves to on your site, they can easily travel back from whence they came.

Invest time in learning all about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key to being seen in the digital world.  The concepts of SEO will enlighten you as to how the main search engines of the internet sort and determine result listings.

Ranking higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) means that your website will have the opportunity to be viewed by ten times more people than the sites on the second page.  Consider SEO a foundational skill set for designing your website, and success will surely follow.

Optimize your design for mobile access

Internet technologies have (and will always) advanced, and mobile access to the internet is now notably more prevalent than that of PCs and laptops.  Smartphones have outdone the immobility of the PC and the size of a laptop.  Smartphones are simply more convenient.

When it comes to the practicality of this factor in your web design, you need to design for a much smaller screen.  No visitor should have to pinch or swipe to clearly view any aspect of your website on their smartphone.

Integrate social media share buttons

Linking social media platforms to your business website is an excellent booster for your marketing department.  Adding social media buttons to your web content will allow visitors to share until their hearts are content.

Encourage communication whenever possible

In addition to your “Contact Us” page, you should integrate other calls to communicate throughout the design of your site.  Place a minimalistic contact form on the homepage and a customer service number to encourage visitors to make contact.

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