Important Positions You’ll Need To Fill As A New Business Owner

April 30, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

As a new business owner, you need to build a strong group of professionals to be your management team.  Every business owner can benefit from being surrounded by a few elite minds, but there are a few things to remember when deciding who will fill your most important positions.

There are a few key characteristics your top professionals should display to maximize their contribution to the organization’s long-standing goals.  There are also a few key positions your main professionals should be equipped to handle.

Here are some of the most important positions you need to fill on your new business management team.

Project Manager

A competent Project Manager is vital to the success of your organization’s brand.  You need to choose a professional with versatility and proper PMP training to fill this pivotal position in your organization.

Your Project Manager will be the root to maintaining your company’s relevance in the public eye.  Your Project Manager will be the guy/gal that gets stuff done.  It is crucial that you choose wisely.

Refrain from falling into the buddy trap.  A good friend doesn’t always make a good employee, so allow your social circle to remain your social circle.

Master of Marketing

Finding a professional to manage your organization’s marketing operations can make the difference between your success and failure.  If your business doesn’t have a strong marketing campaign, it is much more difficult to build your unique brand among web users.

He/she needs to know how to market your products/services and convince customers of why it matters to their benefit in business or life.  A Marketing Manager needs to be a master in business communications, and schooled in the art of digital marketing.

Human Resources Manager

Your business should have a strong Human Resources Manager to handle the personable size of your organization.  Your HR manager should be educated on all things people.

He/she should know how to communicate with all sorts of personalities and be good at judging the character of a prospective employee.  Choose a professional that is great at multitasking and have proven to be super dependable.  There’s no such thing as a part-time Human Resources Manager.

Financial Management  

Running a business requires that you have someone to manage the financial side of everything.  Your money is the bottom line of running a business.  If you can’t trust the man/woman who handles your money, then there’s a problem.

Make sure to choose an accountant that has a history of being on point with their numbers.  Get references, educational history, professional history, and anything else you think may help boost your business finances.

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