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How to Create an Extra Space for a Growing Family

September 19, 2017 Hannah Thomas 0Comment

One of the hardest and most important decisions in every person’s life is to make a family. Today many people are uncertain if they should have kids, not because they don’t want to have them but because they think they won’t be able to provide the right care. One of the most common factors is the financial situation – do they have enough job security to know for sure that they will be able to provide their kids with the proper upbringing?

And, of course, there is always the problem of space – making a family is always about expanding and that faces us with the challenge that our home is just not big enough for that move. The easiest solution would be to buy a bigger home, but besides the financial factor maybe you’ve grown attached to the neighborhood or your current location is in the perfect spot and you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry, you can find that extra space in your existing home and adapt it to your growing family.

Home sweet home

We all like to turn our home into a personal cozy area so it can best suit our needs. But when you decide to make a family you should be aware of the fact that every future family member will have the needs of their own and that means you’ll have to give up on the part of your comfort. There are always parts of your home that can be turned to an additional space or even to a new room, you just have to look around. You need to stop thinking how you would like your home to look and start thinking how it needs to look in order to fulfill the needs of your family. When you fully accept that from now on your home will need to satisfy collective needs wide possibilities for renovation will open up automatically.

Sky is the limit

One of the best places to start is your roof. Depending on the height of your roof pitch there can lay a lot of unused potentials underneath. The attic is not just a place where you keep your jars of pickles, it can be also turned into a perfect study space, rec room or entertainment area, or even a bedroom. If you don’t have the budget for that kind of conversion it’s okay to leave it as a storage room but in that case, use the full potential of that storage in order to clean the rest of the place from all the unnecessary things.

 home space


Maybe the basement area is more suitable for the rec room or entertainment area because it won’t produce the thumping sound that will echo through the entire house. But this area, thanks to the horror genre, is not suitable for smaller children. No matter how good lighting or how bright colors you use, it will always look a little bit creepy. But on the other hand, it can be a perfect place for a teenager (on account of that same genre). In that case, it can be a perfectly peaceful and quiet study place or even a bedroom.

Divide and conquer

In order to satisfy everybody’s needs, you can use the ‛divide and conquer’ technique on your home by building additional walls to separate the space. The best spaces to do that without turning your home into the battleground are the basement and the garage. And if you learned by now that your comfort is not the most important thing anymore, you can also do that with your bedroom. This tactic can also be used in reverse – you can tear down some walls in order to open up space. Usually, it’s a good idea to do that with your kitchen and dining area as the most important place for quality time with your family. One more way you can go is into nature – if you have outdoor part of the property you can expand the area of your home by adding a patio or even making an outdoor kitchen. These semi-enclosed spaces are not just functional but they can add to the beauty of your home.

Nowhere to go?

Maybe you reach the point where it seems that you’ve done everything you could and there’s still not enough space. In most of the cases, this means that you’ve probably miscalculated something. Planning the renovation is not an easy job and it’s usually something you can’t do by yourself. It is always a good idea to hire professional help, and guys from Design Plus Drafting can easily get you out from these ‛stuck situations’. This kind of help is particularly useful when you decide to build an addition which can become an over-calculated investment. It’s important that you’re prepared to do everything for your family, but it’s even more important to do it smart.

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