How to Become an Inspiring and Trans-formative Leader for Your Employees

July 16, 2020 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

When we think of an inspiring and transformative leader we must analyze the concept. We must begin to transform what we understand by leading towards something much more global. The Human Resources areas must provide the tools for leaders to be professionals with the necessary skills for a team to flow.

Being a leader is not being a boss

When you think of the traditional boss, a series of associations go with him that nowadays you have to start banishing. It is about valuing the person and not the professional because there is no second without the first. How do you get that? Well, understanding that what makes a leader is the skills he has and has developed in order to become a good professional.

The leader does not arrive for having spent so many years in the company or for being anyone’s contact. The leader, unlike the boss, builds the team and does not differentiate his position from the others, only to take responsibility. It works so that the group as a whole develops and evolves. His key is “why “.

The difference is that the bosses have not taken into account aspects related to the well-being of the employees. They have not valued their happiness, satisfaction or development, the only objective being to achieve better numbers for the organization. Bosses evaluate results, but ignore the human factor and basic command and supervise.  The leader takes into account the experience of the employee.

The inspiring leader

Inspiring is implicit in a leader who wants to collaborate with his team. In fact, natural leaders are people who inspire others in an unconscious way, since their way of thinking, questioning, searching for alternatives, participating and uniting team members, makes them more competent and productive. They encourage that curiosity in others, collaborate and connect for synergies and greater performance.

The true inspiring leader sees the effect of his work on the team’s outcome. So the impact is greater and more positive because it is actually others who make it possible. Inspiration takes effect in the team and is palpable in the goals achieved.

Inspiring is contrary to commanding. So it’s not so much about giving orders, but about being an example. Build the path and trust your team, giving them space, freedom and empowering them, so that they can be proactive. The more empathetic, the better you will connect with them. And connecting means understanding and understanding needs, so that together you reach the goal. The relationship with your employees is essential to become an inspirational leader.

In reality, the inspiring leader works in a shared and collaborative way and not individually. Lean on your people and they will do their best. Get them involved.

The transforming leader

They seek to achieve the project, shape it and be able to move forward. These are competencies that make you not conform to what is established and that seek to innovate and provoke the same reaction in your team. The transformative leader is the one who does not tire in the search for new formulas. But they are also the ones who take the lead in any change to make it easier for the rest.

A leader who stands in front is consistent and credible. They rely on knowledge and experience to resolve situations but take advantage of any value that the team brings. It knows how to detect these skills and empowers them so that it empowers and enables them to continue growing. And that is the true transformation.

The transformative leader is enthusiastic and takes risks. The charisma usually accompanies them and seeks excellence. Support new initiatives and encourage the growth of each of the team members.

Tips for being an inspiring and transformative leader

Ask yourself questions, question how the people on your team are and take care of their well-being, motivation and work with them in difficulties. Listen to their ideas and help them on their ways. Value your team’s work, communicate and be positive. Share your knowledge and teach other people.

An important exercise as a starting point is self-knowledge. You must know who you are, accept your areas for improvement and your strengths. It’s not always easy to get in front of a mirror, but the result is much more effective. You have to know your team and each one of the people with whom you work hand in hand.

Be more strategic, that is look further and ask yourself what the true objectives are and when you want to achieve them. Design a plan and you will clearly see how and who will help you achieve it. The day to day without strategy is going to slow you down, look together with your team.

You can continue to be the one who decides what to do and how, by simply imposing your criteria, commanding, or making your employees happier, develop and enjoy an inspiring and transformative leader.

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