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How Handbags Define a Woman’s Style

July 19, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

A handbag is not just a place to stuff all the essentials you need to carry with you when you leave home. It is a personal statement. A book by former swimwear model Kathryn Eisman, How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag, explains that a lot can be determined about a woman’s personality just looking at her handbag and the way she’s carrying it.

The experts at High Bags, a leading online retailer of LV replica handbags, say that in everyday life, just seeing whether a woman chooses a shoulder bag, one that needs to be carried on the arm or a crossbody can tell you a lot about not just her desire for convenience, but how she sees herself.

Here’s a look at what handbag styles say about a woman.

Handbag Carried in the Crook of the Elbow

Hollywood celebrities are often seen with designer handbags slung over the crook of their arm, making that arm useless of anything else! Body language experts say that wearing a handbag in this manner depicts its holder’s priority of position and status. With this type of purse, the woman might be trying to showcase her branded purse, mainly as a status symbol. If you too want to wear an attitude, you need this type of handbag. The good news is that you don’t have to go overbudget for it, since you can easily buy high quality yet cheap Louis Vuitton replica bags & purses online.

Handheld Bags

Two types of bags are held in the hand, one is the clutch, while the other is a bag that is so heavy that you need both hands to lug it around. Clutches depicts a minimalistic woman, who doesn’t require much to get through the day, while the bigger ones demonstrates a woman’s professional attitude towards her job.

Shoulder Handbags

A young woman wearing a handbag on one shoulder reveals multiple aspects about her personality by the way she hangs the bag.

  • Kept close to the body: A woman who loves to carry a small bag, attached with a shoulder strap that can then be controlled with her hand, depicts her desire for freedom of movement yet aiming to grab the attention of the viewer through her accessorized look, giving them the opportunity to check out the bag’s shape, color and, most importantly, brand, and imagine the price of her LV handbag.
  • Let swing freely: A woman wearing a shoulder bag that swings freely tell us she is a carefree woman, who loves her comfort and is not concerned about making a statement. Such women are highly functional and believe in being a performer rather than a demonstrator.

Cross Body Handbags

Louis Vuitton offers an exclusive collection of cross body handbags that can also work as shoulder bags but have longer straps, designed to be placed across the body instead of being hung over one shoulder. Here’s what the different styles in which women carry their crossbody bag say about them:

  • Bag kept in the front: A cross body bag kept in front demonstrates a conscious and slightly defensive personality, where the woman is trying to cover up her shyness with the statement bag she’s holding.
  • Bag kept behind the body: Don’t confuse a woman in such an attire with an urban warrior, which, in a sense she is. Such women have clear goals and are highly confident of their independent self-image, no matter whether the viewer is able to see the brand she is wearing or not.

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