Here’s How you Producer an Indie Film

August 24, 2017 Mohiuddin Alamgir Tito 0Comment

Is there any business with mare allure than the movie business? With its access to movie stars, high glamour, and potential for big financial returns, it is unmatched in its wonderful benefits. But most people involved in the film industry never get to see this side of the business because they participate in the world of indie films. These films have much lower budgets, typically feature barely or unknown talent and have little glamour. They are also much easier for producers to make because they are simpler productions that require a fraction of the financing and money that bigger budget Hollywood films require. So if you have an interest in the film business, the end to get into is definitely the indie film side. Here is how you can produce an indie film.

Role of the Producer on an Indie Film

The film producer is the key person in developing and getting an indie film made. Although there are many different types of producers on a film, for the sake of this article we will only be discussing the role of the film producer, not the executive producer, co-producer, or line producer who each have important but different roles on an indie film.

Indie producer like Larry Polhill, must oversee the key aspects in a film’s genesis and insure that each element is executed to the highest level possible within the film’s budget. A film will go through a set of major steps and the producer must guide the project through each of these.

The producer has a great amount of power in every single aspect of the production process. From hiring key individuals including the director, line producer, cinematographer and editor, to selecting the final script and locations for the film, to raising the money to produce, the film, their role encompasses every key aspect of a project. As such, they are never left out and are heavily involved in every single stage of the production.

The get great art producing movies you need to follow a set of rules that will help you to understand the responsibilities of a producer. Here are some steps:

Learn the Business

To do this you need to simulate you trying to make a film without you actually doing it. This will allow for you to get familiar with things without risking someone’s money and your reputation. So set up a scenario where you would be trying to put together a film. Put it all on paper and go through the motions. Buy yourself books and visit sites and videos that talk about the subject, then try and act out the process. Watch shows like Project Greenlight to understand what to do right and wrong.

The film business has a unique set of parameters and a language all its own. You need to become conversant in the language of films and be able to understand how to work within the ebb and flow of the business. The business is fast paced and inexact and you should expect to make lots of mistakes as you learn, but the more of them you make early when you are training, the fewer you will make when there is money on the line. The idea here is to immerse yourself in any and everything film. You will know you are getting there when you watch a film and you begin to see how it was all put together.

Take whatever time you need to get comfortable with the film making process. There will be a lot to learn so don’t be surprised if it takes you a year or more to feel like you understand how everything works.

Once you are educated, it is time for you to try and put together your first film. Find some scripts that you are passionate about and select one to try and produce. You should expect the process to take another year to do and during that time there will be many tests to your resolve. If you can get through it all, you will be an indie film producer. Good luck!

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