Healthful Snacks That Won’t Break the Calorie

July 19, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Trying to make healthy changes is not always easy. Exercise, weight-lifting and plenty of cardio can get you started on the right path, however – eating right is just as important to your overall well-being. Nothing is more discouraging than getting in a great work-out and then facing the temptations to snack.

You could have that bowl of ice cream. That would essentially undo everything you’ve done. Another option would be to substitute a healthy snack instead. Healthy snacks could be high in fiber and protein and low in sugars and carbs. Finding a snack that fits your craving is imperative to staving off temptations. After all – if you want something smooth and creamy like ice cream, having carrots is not going to satisfy.

For those who want a crunchy snack, instead of chips or crackers consider having a small portion of nuts. The protein and fiber will help to keep you full and the crunch will keep you satisfied. Eat them slowly, one at a time – like you would a chip for optimum satisfaction.

Are you craving something baked and savory – a big, soothing muffin perhaps? Consider a moist herb-flavored muffin with ingredients like onion and capsicum for a little kick to get you going. These yummy treats are great for breakfast. Fitness muscle meals offers muffins and pancakes for sweet baked treats that really hit the spot.

The key to snacking and weight loss, weight maintenance and muscle gain is all in the choices you make and the portion sizes for your needs. Fat-burning snacks that taste great are rare but you can find them. Use dates, honey and raisins for sweetness. Seeds and nuts are perfect for crunch. Combine peanut butter and chocolate and you have long-lasting energy and soothing sweet treats that will keep any snacker happy.

Snacking is not meant to replace a meal. It’s meant to satisfy a craving or a hunger between meals. It is meant to be a small portion that takes the edge off, allowing you to be victorious in your healthy eating habits.

Whether you choose to have meals and snacks delivered, pre-made and pre-portioned, to your door or you decide to make them yourself, you can win at weight loss. You can maintain that loss with diligence to diet and exercise. You can even gain muscle mass – all with the help of the right snacks.

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