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5 Flooring Options Arranged By Price And Durability

April 17, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Choosing the most suitable flooring options for your home or office isn’t always simple.  There are several different aspects that should be rolling around in your mind as you search for the best flooring for your situation. 

You may find that you know little to nothing about the importance of quality flooring, but that will soon be changed.  Read through a brief overview of some of the top flooring options arranged by price and durability.

The cost of longevity versus quick fix

When you’re planning to replace or lay a new floor, you have to consider the why of the situation.  If you’re fixing your home up to rent it out, it may be a good idea to consider vinyl flooring as an option.  

Laminate flooring is another viable and inexpensive flooring option.  Whether you choose laminate or vinyl flooring is up to you.  There are pros and cons for either path.

Highest durability – lowest price

Cork flooring is super durable and excellent for durability in moist regions.  If you live near the ocean, cork floors will take your home design to a whole new level of strength and style.  

Cork flooring is environmentally friendly, great for sound insulation, and resistant to humidity.  Cork flooring comes from the bark of a cork tree, but it doesn’t require that the tree be cut down.  If you’re interested in a strong, affordable, environmentally friendly flooring option, cork is your best choice.   

Highest durability – highest price

Sandstone tiling will survive the duration of your lifetime in your home, but it can come at a pretty high price.  Some sandstone tiling can cost you up to $18 per square foot.  The average price you’ll pay for sandstone runs around $7 per square foot.  

Sandstone flooring can be a little cold in the winter months, so you’ll want to consider adding heating to your floors.  Heating will cost you another $7-8 per square foot, so make your choices wisely.

Midrange flooring options

Repurposed hardwood flooring is a great mid range option for a strong and beautiful flooring material in your home.  The cost of repurposed hardwood flooring could cost little to nothing for materials.  The installation costs will probably total more than the materials, and the overall price will still be very manageable.

The kitchen is always the toughest place

Remember to consider the area where you are planning add new flooring.  The kitchen is a place where you absolutely need tough flooring.

There’s more foot traffic, spillage, and overall strain placed on the kitchen floor than anywhere else in your home.  Set your mind at ease, choose the right flooring, and enjoy your next family get together in peace.

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