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Essential Types of Office Equipment and Machines For Your Business

April 17, 2018 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Office equipment and machines are necessary for a business in that they make work easier in a company by replacing manual labor by saving labor costs. Some of the office types of equipment include mailroom types of equipment, teleprinters, typewriters, accounting machines, fax and Electronic mail.

Accounting machines

Accounting machines are required in an office for accuracy. They cope up with large amounts of figure work and therefore promote accuracy and speed for analysis of various figures. Common accounting machines include:

  • Book-keeping machines: they enter information in accounting books and transfer amounts from one book to another through posting.
  • Calculating machines: enhance efficiency in an organization by eliminating routine mental calculations.
  • Adding machines: perform mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They also perform clerical operations.
  • Cash registers: they record on paper roll cash receipts.


A duplicator is essential whereby multiple copies of a document have to be prepared. This is achieved with the help of a master copy. Various types of duplicators include stencil duplicator, offset duplicator, spirit duplicator, gelatin duplicator and the typeset duplicator.


A computer does arithmetic calculations, storage of information due to huge memory capacity, data analysis as it’s speedy as well as data comparison. Enhances accuracy and speed and breaks the monotony of manual labor.

Mailroom types of equipment

  • Letter opener: it operates electronically or manually and able to open 100-500 letters per minute. It’s used when the number of mail received is very large.
  • The franking machine makes impressions of the required denomination for letters and postage stamps.
  • Folding machine: folds papers to the required size for insertion into envelopes.
  • sealing machines: it moistens envelope flaps automatically and seals them.
  • Mailing scale: used to weigh letters so that correct postage stamps can be affixed to them.
  • Addressing machine: prints addresses on wrappers, parcels to be sent to many regular customers.


They possess a typewriter like a keyboard and connected to a controlled exchange through dialing.

Fax machine

Promotes transmission of the facsimile of an entire document either typed or handwritten to locations within or outside the country.

Electronic Mail (E-mail)

An e-mail is key for fast communication. It transmits text or data directly from a word processor or a computer. It can also be used to send files between computers across different departments in your office.

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