Endless savings? – no problem, with Black Friday

May 28, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

From A like Amazon to Z like Zara: Many dealers participate in Black Friday 2019 with the biggest discount promotions of the year. We introduce you to 10 professional tricks with which you can optimally use the mega-sale for yourself. Here are the top 10 things to do if you don’t want to miss out on the world-famous shopping spree

  1. Subscribe to the store’s newsletter
    Many stores reveal before the start of the Black Friday 2019, if and what offers will be. That’s why it’s best to subscribe to the Black Friday newsletters of your favorite stores or check them out several times a day.
  2. Write a shopping wish list
    Against unpremeditated impulse purchases helps a classic grocery list. What exactly do you want to buy – and at what price do you strike? Write it down.
  3. Use comparison portals
    You want to know where the best price for your desired product is? Online comparison portals like the Bet9ja Promotion Code site, mydealz or Check24 help to find the cheapest shop. A small research tour through the Internet can really save money.
  4. Apply percentage calculation
    In order to recognize a real bargain, it is often not enough to rely on the dealer’s discount indication based on the non-binding price recommendation (RRP). As a rule, prices are below the EIA before Black Friday 2019. Therefore prefer to calculate the actual discount yourself.
  5. Price alarm clock for the wish list
    Anyone who has already selected a product and shop online for Black Friday 2019 can set up a price alarm at As soon as the price drops below a limit set by you, you will receive an e-mail and can shop directly.
  6. The early bird catches the worm
    The Black Friday 2019 starts at many online shops at 0 o’clock. Since many offers are limited and / or quickly sold out, it is worth either staying awake longer or getting up very early. You know: The early bird catches the worm.
  7. Use additional vouchers
    If possible, collect coupons or discount coupons for stores and online stores before Black Friday 2019. This may give you extra benefits on the Black Friday deal.

8. Save shipping costs
Check in advance, whether there are delivery costs at your desired online store. If the delivery is not free, ask friends or neighbors if they would like to order something. With the bulk order, you will hopefully get the minimum purchase value for the free shipping and everyone will be happy.
9. Do not put under pressure

Often operators of online shops try to fake the customer artificial scarcity. Sometimes a countdown comes down, sometimes a bar indicates sinking stocks. Very important: Do not let that annoy you.
10. Search for out-of-print products at the competitor

Sometimes it happens that you are a second too late and the product already placed in the shopping cart is no longer available. But do not worry: Due to the enormous competition many online retailers pull on Black Friday with the cheap offers of other shops.

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