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Costs To Consider For Your Children’s Extracurricular Activities

October 21, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

You may already live your life by a monthly or weekly budget.  If you have children, then you understand just how important it is to stay on top of your finances. 

Once your children begin to get a little bit bigger, they will likely show interest in sports, music, drama, and other enrichment activities.  If you plan to be supportive of their interests, you’ll have to consider the financial impact as well.  

Check out a few costs you should consider for your child’s extracurricular activities, and start making plans today.  

Average investment for children’s music lessons

If you have a child who takes an active interest in making music, there are plenty of ways to get your child into the setting they seek.  Some elementary and high schools offer a chance for your kid to be in the band, but individual music lessons are necessary for some forms of music.  

If your child has an interest in playing the piano, for instance, you could pay anywhere from $20-$40 per half hour for private lessons.  You would then need to purchase a quality piano for them to practice, and educational literature will add cost too.  

What you’ll need to get your kid into sports

You never know exactly which sport (if any) your kid will show an interest in playing.  Football and baseball are usually programs supported by your child’s school, but there are summer leagues and local leagues where they can play when the school isn’t playing.  

Getting your kids into sports doesn’t cost a large fortune, but you may spend a small fortune.  Safety gear and under armor for your child is something you’ll want to purchase on your own.  

Supporting your child’s love of dance 

Some kids just love to dance, and dancing is a great way to keep your body fit.  Encourage your child’s love of dance, and enroll them in a dance class or ballet lessons.  Hip Hop dance lessons are also something appealing to young kids.  

No matter what kind of dancing your child wants to learn, they will need transportation to the lessons, comfortable/appropriate clothing to wear, and a few other things.  

What you’ll pay for your kids to act

Placing your kid in a drama class is probably the most affordable option of all the options listed.  You can probably find a group for them to join free of charge. The money you put into their outfits and transportation should be considered, as travel is a regular part of acting.  

Singing is another joy for many children

If your child enjoys singing, chorus or choir are both a good place to begin.  You could invest in individual voice lessons, but you may want to wait until your kid is a little bit older to pay for extra enrichment.  You never know how long the interest will last, so make sure they are committed before you go big.

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