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Advantages of the 3 Most Common Home Foundations

July 31, 2020 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

The job of your home’s foundation is to provide support for the rest of the structure. There are many different types of foundations and they all have advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the foundation for your new home, consider these advantages of the three most common foundation types.

1. Concrete Slab

Concrete slab Tulsa OK foundations are simple to install and require the least amount of prep work. They are a popular option for many homeowners because they are one of the least expensive and easiest to maintain. However, slab foundations provide only minimal protection from weather and can lead to expensive repairs if the slab needs to be broken through to access plumbing or other fixtures.

2. Basement Foundations

Concrete slabs are used in basement foundations as well, but there is a hole between the slab and the bottom of the house. Basements area ideal options in areas with significant weather threats, such as tornadoes or severe storms, because they provide an easily accessible space to shelter from damaging winds. They also have advantages in places with cold winters, because the basement allows the slab foundation to be placed below the frost line, which can extend the life of the slab.

Another advantage of basement foundations is that the basement provides additional square footage that can be used for storage or living area. Basements stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which can make them an energy-efficient addition to homes in areas with extreme temperatures. Basements make it much easier and cheaper to access electrical wiring and plumbing that may need repairs under your home.

However, basements are the most expensive of these three foundation options and can be prone to flooding, making them a poor choice for homes located in high-flood risk areas. The lack of natural light may reduce the utility of the basement area as a living space.

3. Crawlspace Foundations

With a crawlspace foundation, the home is elevated a few feet off the ground. Crawlspace foundations are more expensive than slabs but cheaper than basements. This type of foundation provides easier access to the underside of your home than a slab foundation and usually provides the home with warmer floors. However, crawlspaces can be prone to moisture buildup and provide little protection from storms.

The right foundation for your home depends upon your budget and where you intend to build. If one of these three options does not meet your needs, there are others to consider.

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