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4 Things That Require Heavy-Duty Casters

January 23, 2021 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

The difference between standard and heavy-duty casters is the weight each wheel can bear. Heavy-duty casters can support over 40,000 pounds each while staying within their safety regulations. This is due to their thicker legs, wider swivel, and sturdier top plate. These casters and their industrial wheels can be used for several different things.

1. The Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry uses heavy-duty casters to help move parts, assemblies, and equipment. They are also a key part of aircraft engine stands because they allow technicians to lock their work stands quickly. They are also popular because they can handle the high speeds generated by aircraft tow bars. This industry also uses them for hanger doors. This is because they can support the heavy door. They can be powered open and shut by humans or a motor. Furthermore, helicopter dollies use these casters to help shuttle helicopters around after they have landed. This makes helicopters easy to handle and stable while they are being moved.

2. Loading and Unloading Containers

Heavy-duty casters can often be found attached to loading and unloading containers. Special corner brackets make it easy to attach these casters to boxes. They also come in various sizes, so many different crates can be moved. Some can also be attached to different containers as needed. These casters are used because of their load capacities and locking capabilities. Loading and unloading containers can contain up to 20,000 pounds each, which demands more than a standard caster. Similarly, the casters can have parking breaks and swivel locks so they can become stationary easily.

3. Heavy Machines

Manufacturing plants often use heavy-duty casters to move heavy machines. For instance, aircraft, auto, and heavy machinery manufacturing plants will use them. This is because they can make moving heavy parts around a shop easier. They are also common in assembly lines to create a smoother transition between the different stations.

4. Dollies and Hand Trucks

Items that transport other items need wheels. Therefore, dollies and hand trucks need wheels. Heavy-duty casters are necessary for these kinds of equipment. There are different types of wheels and casters for the various applications of these items. This is because these items are used for many different applications. For instance, you wouldn’t use a dolly for the same thing you would use a hand truck for.

Heavy-duty casters are essential because of the large amounts of weight they can handle. Many manufacturing and industrial settings use them. These are just some of the things you might find using heavy-duty casters.

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