3 Things to Consider When Buying Construction Equipment

October 18, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

In recent years, there has been steady growth in the construction industry. With any service, demand must be met with adequate supply. However, more and more contractors and other individual consumers have opted to take the more frugal route of renting the required machinery and equipment as opposed to buying it. While there are a host of advantages to this, availability can potentially become an issue without ownership.

But purchasing heavy construction machinery isn’t a small thing and can be a massive investment for any company. Before buying it is always important to consider a few things as your venture can either end in a profit or a potential loss in the future.

  1. Budget

The first thing to ask yourself is if you have the financial means to actually purchase the required construction equipment and machinery. This doesn’t necessarily just mean the initial purchase price but the costs that will accumulate over time of ownership. Storage, maintenance and potential repair services also have to be taken into consideration as this will affect your business tremendously.

There are plenty of options out there such as plant hire firms that offer flexible rent-to-buy solutions for machinery and equipment, like Plant Hire Preston. This could potentially soften the initial costs normally attached to construction equipment, but having a decent amount of capital is necessary before even thinking of ownership. Planning ahead now can save a lot of grief later on.

  1. Frequency and length of projects

Every tool has its purpose and these expensive pieces of equipment and machinery have to be utilised in order to gain profit. The primary reason why contractors rent instead of buying is based on the frequency and length of projects. One-off projects or short-term jobs will require just a rental. Anything more than that and ownership can surely be a more sensible option. The more work that lies ahead of you, the more you’ll eventually end up spending in rental fees after all.

  1. Availability

Last but certainly not least is availability. Owning the equipment means that it can be used at any time you please. This makes it easier to deal with any unexpected situations and changes on a project that could arise. Potential downtime also becomes a non-issue in this case. Needless to say, it can also help impress clients; having your own machines and equipment readily available.

These are the main things you should consider before buying construction equipment as opposed to simply renting it. Purchasing has its own host of benefits and advantages, and can be just as economical as renting the machinery in the long run.


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