3 Retail Layout Tips To Help Your Business Attract and Retain More In-Store Customers

May 29, 2021 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Does your business need to attract or retain more in-store clients? Getting potential customers to walk into your store rather than simply passing by is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to keep customers in the store and increase the likelihood of a purchase or of repeat business, you may need to switch up your current store layout. If you’ve already amped up your storefront’s appearance and checked your regulatory revolving door code compliance but aren’t sure where to start with your layout strategy, here are three top tips that could prove highly attractive to new and returning in-store customers alike!

1. Lay Your Most Unique Inventory Towards the Front of the Store

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to draw in more customers to your store is to display your most unique inventory towards the front of the store. You could create a stunning window display, for instance, or set up mannequins or display tables right past the entrance of the store. The key is to choose your most noteworthy or popular products and place them in an easy-to-access location in order to boost traffic.

2. Set Up Extra Registers To Reduce Wait Time and Improve Customer Experience

If there’s one thing customers hate experiencing in retail settings, it’s excessively long lines and wait times. This means that if you can reduce wait times in your store, your business will easily stand out! To improve customer experience, try setting up additional registers, especially during peak business hours.

3. Set Up Trial Tables for Customers To Interact Hands-On With Your Products

Customers generally enjoy hands-on interactions with products they may be interested in purchasing, so if your store is formal and hands-off only, you could potentially be missing out on business. To create a more interactive and immersive experience for your customers, you may want to set up trial tables in the center of the store loaded with a few products specially designated for customer use. If your store sells lotions and creams, for instance, be sure to put out some testers so customers can try the product and decide whether they’d like to make a purchase.

Having the right layout is a critical component of attracting and retaining in-store clientele, which could potentially boost the likelihood of increased sales and repeat business. In order to ensure your retail layout is well organized and appealing, make sure to put these three strategies into action at your store right away!

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