10 Incredible Revolutionary Technologies in This Digital Age

June 20, 2017 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life, it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gift, It is the mother of civilisations, of arts and of sciences-Freeman Dyson. 

Remember the time when we had to light up the fire with the help of stones? Of course not because we are born in the world which is full of evolving technologies. In this modern world, we have come up with the best innovations for this digital age which have transformed the way we live.

With this evolution, we are saving our time and human effort. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 incredible technologies which have revolutionised the way we live today.

  1. Fibre Optics

Let us acknowledge the fact that Fibre Optics has simply made our lives more connected and fun.  These tubes refract all the light within the glass tubes with some loss of light over the length of the tube. Moreover, Alexander Graham Bell developed telephone using this same technology which grew into mobile phones and wireless. This isn’t new but it keeps evolving with new possibilities in this digital world.

  1. 3-D Printers

Latest in the new technologies is 3-D printers. These were widely used in the medical world. But, they’re now used everywhere. People can design and print whatever they want and use it for any purpose. Its importance in the medical field is widely known for printing body parts and replacing damaged ones.

  1. Self-driven vehicles or Automated vehicles

This new technology is about vehicles that are self-driven and all you need to do is give instructions to them. A bit risky, but the technology is still in the testing phase trying to make it to the mainstream.

  1. Drones

It is one of the newest and the most sophisticated technologies out there. Drones are handled through a remote and are useful in security and for taking shots from higher view, capturing every minute detail. They are also under analysis in the agricultural sector for overviewing the growth of crops where the farmers can stay at their homes and gauge the growth. Right now, it is mostly used by photographers, travellers, surveillance teams and security agencies for security purposes.


  1. Solar Power

Solar Power has come as a revolutionary means to provide electricity from Sun. The Solar Panels get recharged with the help of sunlight and can be used up to hours depending on the battery life. Solar power is widely beginning to penetrate in the electricity world as an alternate to other non-renewable sources of energy.

6.) VR Technology

Virtual Reality, is one of the most astounding innovations we are gifted with. It’s creates a 3D simulated environment that can be explored by a person. It creates a different world altogether of which the person becomes a part. For instance, you are sitting at home but you can roam around in a mall, or the Mount Everest, or the Great Barrier Reef!

  1. 360 Degrees Cameras

There is this new thing called 360 Degree camera where you capture everything and the user can see it by rotating the phone and view everything that is captured. This innovation lets you capture from every angle possible to give you a better 3D view.

  1. Nano Robots

Robots are being used for many purposes these days. They’re performing operations, virtually teaching at schools, etc. Nanorobots are the latest innovations which are finding a wide range of applications in medical world because of their super small size.

  1. Graphene

GrapheneGraphene is a layer of graphite that is just one atom thick. The layer is very hard and is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. There are many areas where graphene can be used like for flexible smartphones, flexible tables or an ultra thin yet strong condom.

  1. Brain Controlled Devices

Brain-controlled devices can be operated through instructions from brain. Brain-controlled computers are a boon for people who are physically challenged. The technology is still in research phase but imagine a future where you can move anything with just your mind, with high concentration. Simply Mind-Blowing!

The Gist – Necessity is the mother of invention, and science is its father. With the help of science, we have had impossible triumphs for mankind. Let’s rejoice over how far we have come ever since the evolution started!

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