Why Use a Specialty Healthcare PR Firm

October 14, 2019 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly specialized, the need for a PR firm that understands its unique needs is vital. If you require a healthcare PR firms Portland it makes sense to select one that has an established history in the healthcare field. Healthcare PR requires a firm understanding of the various regulations in place for this industry.

Healthcare PR is a highly specialized field, but it is also important that the company you work with has a firm grounding in the basics of public relations. Selecting a company such as Bloom Communications provides you with the best of both worlds. You need PR that meets industry regulations and expectations, while at the same time providing top-notch PR services. You want a firm that adheres to The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines as well as HIPPA when conducting all PR campaigns.

Who Should Use a Healthcare PR Firm?

You may be curious if a PR firm that specializes in healthcare is right for your business. Healthcare PR firms provide valuable services to hospitals, home health organizations, long-term care facilities, private offices, government-sponsored health plans, pharmaceutical groups, and digital health organizations. If your business works in healthcare they could benefit from a specialized healthcare PR firm. Why Choose an Outside PR Firm?

A healthcare PR firm can be a valuable time and money saver for your organization. A healthcare PR firm can take over all of your PR needs or perform specific functions that your business is not able to take on. You can assign specific jobs to the firm or discuss your current needs and workflow and work collaboratively to determine the best duties for the firm to take on.

In general, a healthcare PR firm can handle writing and distributing press releases, monitor media relationships and help positively boost your company, work internally to ensure employees are on the same page when presenting to the public and work with the advertising department to maintain a consistent brand across all platforms.

One area where healthcare PR shines is when it comes to reputation management. When a business is hit with a product recall or label change it can be challenging to know how to balance the need to get information out without creating an undue hardship on the company. Experienced healthcare PR firms, such as Bloom Communications will keep your client’s health and safety as a top priority while working through this complex issue.

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