Cover The Basics To Avoid a Fire Emergency

June 7, 2021 Joseph Hernandez 0Comment

You want to do your best to protect the people and property in your life. Accidents happen, including devastating events such as fires. However, there are simple steps you can take now to help avoid a tragedy later. You can complete some of these yourself in as little as an afternoon. If you need professional assistance to meet your goals, fire protection New York services can make recommendations for your unique needs.

1. Provide the Right Equipment

Make sure your building has bare minimum equipment, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Fire extinguishers in key areas can supply immediate help in case of a small flareup. In fact, all of these items and their locations may be mandated by municipal code enforcements or other laws, so make sure to check what is required in your location.

2. Know What To Do

Train the people that work in your space on using the right tools and procedures to fight small fires, as well as when to get out and call public safety officers for assistance. Delaying action by even a few minutes can have tragic consequences. Go over some of the common causes of disasters so your employees become aware of the risks and learn to mitigate them. For instance, unattended cooking is a major cause of kitchen fires, and stoves should never be used for heating purposes. Your local emergency departments can provide educational materials that cover these situations and can also provide other helpful information.

3. Check the Calendar

Smoke detectors and other devices all have a certain useful life. When was the last time you checked their batteries or, if needed, replaced them completely? These items can be easy to forget. Keep a schedule and stick to it so everything remains in peak working condition. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific maintenance timelines for your equipment.

4. Seek an Expert Evaluation

When you have the basics in place, you may want to consider engaging a fire prevention specialist to help you consider options that go above and beyond that first level. These experts can make recommendations on suppression systems, sprinklers, ventilation and more. Technology keeps advancing, which means various possibilities to consider and improved results for you.

The odds are you have already made a significant investment of time and money in your business or home. Taking time to assess the risks and minimize them is well worth the effort and helps avoid losses in the future.

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